Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey! Where'd you go!?!?!

What? Huh? Hmmmmm.....Well, turns out, mom had something planned that didn't include me this weekend! Harumph! She went somewhere near here.....While I was at home doing this.....
And, some of THIS! My 'what was that?' look...
Mom was at a place called the Lost Trail Lodge...out of Truckee, CA....a back country, off-grid lodge in Coldstream Canyon. They had to ski in, and gear transported by snowcat and snowmobile.
Mom skiing out Sunday....on her way HOME!
Local resident, OPPIE!! This high country pal, has had 2 knee replacements! And, apparently, never gets older than about 7 years old....(so the owner of the lodge says)
And, I was back at home with this visitor, Oliver....actually a female...(has laid a few eggs).
And Mom was here...bluegrass band, ice climbing, snow skiing...can't I go!?
Every year, mom does a winter trip with the American Alpine Club. She has a fantastic time, but left me at home! What? Huh?
All's ok now...spending Sunday eve with mom and dad.
And, for some inspiring fun times...visit my pal Golden Samantha We've been meetin' up to spot the elusive fresh water otters that we saw during a walkie last week (and we haven't seen them since!) at our local Civic Center. On Sammie's site, you'll also see me 'helping' my pal check the gopher holes....:)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Being 'snoooooow' tired....and leash snap note!

We're home from the snow...had a fantastic time! My energy ramps way up in that fluffy stuff...LOVE that deep snow! Eye on the ball! On my double leash system again... We played ball lots this weekend!
The weather was socked in the entire time, and lots of new snow. Love it!
Top of one of the ski runs...
There I go...DIG!
And, there I go...DIG DEEPER!
Up for air!
Oh yea! FOUND IT!
[Mom's feeling a little funny about sometimes putting 2 leashes on me...but I pull so hard or get spooked and jump around...that she isn't sure what I'd do. Saturday, cruisn' around...I did pull pretty hard after something...and guess what!!?!? One of the leash buckles SNAPPED in half! Eeeeek! Mom's gotta re-think my setup, any suggestions!?!?! Super tough leashes and connector ideas?]
Anyway...all safe and sound...and I am SOOOOOOOO TIRED from the weekend!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Going from rain storms to snow storms!

Well...we made that drive out of our rain storms and the thunder kabooms...and are now in that fluffy white stuff again...with the avalanche bombs! I'm getting used to them, and having lots of snow play time. Yeaaaa!!
Still got my favorite BALL!! Haven't lost it yet in the snow banks this trip.
And, snow whiskers too!
Scared from the avalance bombs, on my double long leash system sometimes....I'm used to it and still have room to play!
Low visibility....lots of new snow!
Mom's got the major storm cover up....
See ya again soon pals...gotta go back to my SNOW TIME!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Out of that rain, back to the snow....and avalance kabooms!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh that cracklin' THUNDER!

We have been having some wild weather! These two shots are from some time ago, as we have not seen the sun lately....many days of fog and now a set of storms. Hope the bright yellow warm sun comes back for a visit soon! This morning has been loud kabooming cracklin' THUNDER. I am going to go back in my cozy crate house and watch more 'Rachel Ray' as soon as I finish this post.
Yesterday was a crazy storm day, as dad was driving home from the mountains...took him double the time, and cars off the road all over the had to work in SF in the eve, and kept hearing of the 45mph gusts on the GG Bridge.... And, I....well...all this is quite scary to me! The wind, the hard rain, the cracklin'... It is to go on all week.
Mom and I now have our indoor stair with the ball, and her..just doing some laps with me!
Come on! What ya got? Ball?
Let's go! HIDE! I'll find you...bring those little hot dog snacks with ya, and I'll find you FASTER!
Notice my ears back...I get pretty spooked from the storm.... I'll head back into my little safety place's gotta do some work anyway.... I think 'The Price is Right' is on with that Drew Carey...
Stay warm and cozy pals, wherever you are! AND...if you see that sun, please jet-stream it back our way, ok!?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Indoor snaggle time!

It's been so dreary and drab out! Still doing walkies...but then some training inside...not super excitin' but all ya need is a RED ball, green fuzzy pillow and something to chew (that costs $5 from the Humane Society) goes....
Hope you are all having a NICE week pals!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

These are the "Ahhhhhh! I'm being a good puppy photos!"....hmmmmm...must edit...I was snaggling mom's glove in one of these shots... Sorry mom! Oh, and oppppps! Not totally 'wordless'.....