Monday, December 28, 2009

Real fun in that snow!

Snow time from MY POINT OF VIEW....... We hit a lot of traffic on the ride up Christmas Day. I had to be patient in my rigged fabric crate for a long time! We stopped for a little hike at Silver Lake, just 5 miles from our destination.
The light was was quite pretty out. Dad found a little hill and made me chase snow balls up and down the hill....'til mom said it was getting too dark (forgot our headlamps) and needed to hike out.
A day later, there was NEW SNOW! And, with one of my Christmas present balls, we played lots of hide-the-ball-in-the-snow! We lost it a few times, but always determined to find it again, and we did.
Mom's gloves served as great hide-in-snow toy too! Sorry mom, you don't really need this do you?
I loved trying to jump up into the snow banks....wasn't always successful!
We saw lots of snow fall Saturday morning. It was pretty in the meadow.
The storm passed Sunday morning and the sun came out!
Like my snow whiskers?
Hope you had a nice holiday and weekend. Besides a few 'bungles' this holiday and on this trip, we had a really nice time. See you again soon!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Bungles and more snow time!

Greetings from us! Back up at the and I are hanging by the fire in the lodge after lots of ball play in some fresh snow....I'll take a nap in a bit, while mom heads out to's been snowing and fun!!! The photos are from our last trip but will put new ones on this week. We wanted to share our bungles... Christmas Eve mom and dad went to a family Christmas gathering. I hung out in the car in my travel crate with some peanut butter bones. Before dessert, mom brought me in to say hello. Looked like a party inside and two other mellow doggies hanging out. I got so excited, as you can imagine!!! However, guess a little too excited as I was quickly put BACK in my little house with more snacks. likey!!! With my powerful paws, I snaggled my way out of the crate, and was able to eat some of dad's delicious car things....windowshield, a box, papers... How could they think I would be happy hanging out in my hut, with a party going on?! My hoomans!
Well...needless to say mom and dad did not seem too happy to see my project! Especially when this is the crate I hang out in when we go in the camper! However, so far on this trip, mom has been able to wear me out enough that I just chill (whew! says mom).
Our first morning here, I was so excited, as the day before we did a lot of car driving. Mom took me out in the snowy meadow for some fun..... I quickly found a flying bag...(it was windy) and woowee started snaggling the darn thing..... But, as mom came over to take it away (of course), I bucked my head, just as she was leaning down grabbing hold of MY bag. We head to her nose and cheek. Poor mom...thought she had broken her nose and now with blood streaming down her face, out in the middle of the meadow...tears from mom. She was ok, just a line of nicks along her cheek and I was ok, no injuries. What a start to the MORNING!
So, those were our BUNGLES....Otherwise, I've been good in my rigged crate, gotten out for lots of ball play in the snow, walkies, hanging out with mom and dad, and they have had some time on those zoomie downhill things.... So, we're all ok, having a nice time and it's SNOWING!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A little snow time....

My first time in the snow! Wooowee, did I LOVE this stuff!
Ice balls and jumpy twirlies!
I guess mom doesn't trust me quite yet off I like to RUN, ZOOM and check out EVERYTHING... We're still working on the recalls... So, for today, I was on a long line, but with LOTS of room to run and play!
In the meadow at the base of Kirkwood ski resort. A lovely morning.
Can you tell what I loved doing most of in this chilly white stuff!?!?!?
Lots of wide cross-country trails in the meadow. Looking towards Carson Pass.
Sticks and stuff!
Practicing 'watching'!
Oh yea...I'm goin' for it!
Pine cones!
I'll have some snow-ice right here, thank you.
Looking East towards the Bear Valley area.
Spent a while watching those funny hoomans go zoomie down the hill...quite mysterious..on some sort of woodish looking things...looked very snaggable. Mmmmmm! We had a nice day...and then headed home for some holiday family obligations...but hoping mom and dad will bring me to the snow lots of times!
See you again soon pals.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hug time..and 4th Folder photo!

Hope you are having a nice week friends. Mom really likes to give me HUGS!!! Lots and lots of HUGS! There may be more on this there were some pretty delicious smells, this is what I thought of mom's hugs at the time.....ya know what I mean pals?
Thank you to our friends at Dog Blog for Five Dogs..."Paw Prints on my heart, Dog hair everywhere!" we had a challenge to find the 4th or 7th folder in My Pictures and post the 4th or 7th photo.... Happily, mom found that her 4th folder was the HONEY LOVE folder!!! Had to post more than just the 4th photo!
Remembering sweet Golden Honey.
See ya again soon pals! Much love to all for this season!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A few weekend images...and thinking about missed pals...

Hope you are having a nice weekend! Not much to report...quite dreary weather around here, but nothing like the big storm and blizzard predicted.... Dad headed out on his first trip to the snow this season, and mom and I decided to hang back, thinking that the big predicted blizzard was on its never really materialized. And, dad reported nice snow, low wind... Oh well, next time. Anyway...always game to tag along with mom, we headed out on some errands... Looking towards the Marin Headlands, SF Bay...3pm..storm light...flash on...
Watching the storm off in the distance and a lone cargo ship coming in...
We were checking out an old bunker just over the bridge on the SF side.
Some errands near the piers....there is actually someone swimming out there! Bright pink swim cap and all...
Mom had recently shared with Gus, Louie and Callie of Three Happy Heeler's, that visiting their site always reminds her of two of her dearest friends, rescued heeler, Boomerang, and his mom, Lynn. Lynn, with 'Boom' moved from our area to New Zealand a few years back.... Boomerang, a most wonderful buddy, accompanied Lynn and my mom on numerous camping and climbing trips and lots of local hikes. Boomerang is one of the smartest and most loyal pups mom knows. And, amazing eyes, one blue and one brown! Below, Boomerang sits on the deck at his new home...watching his mom closely as always...waiting for that next adventure....
My mom actually visited Boom, Lynn and their fabulous new location in 2006....the Marlborough Sounds, South Island, New Zealand.... An amazing place!As Boom's mom Lynn, then worked at the Bay Of Many Coves Resort, Boomerang had a most amazing area to explore, swim, hike and play in every day! And, views views views!!
A photo while hiking along the Queen Charlotte Track with Lynnie and Boomerang...
Missing her friends dearly, mom hopes to visit again, as they are now living on the North Island! (She'd better take me along, right!?) Below...while still living here...Boom and (mom and dad's - now over the Rainbow Bridge) Golden Honey!
We will end here....and just say that this is a first holiday season for ME, and the first one (in 14 years) without mom and dad's Golden Honey. Remembering Honey every day and also sending our holiday wishes to Lynnie, Boom and all of our pals!