Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday morning FUN!

A morning road trip! I am always wagging my tail when I get to jump into the Sammiemobile...ya know what I mean :)
Fingers of fog kept us cool as we headed south to somewhere super fantastic!
It's a good time when mom brings the ball! And....she's got our name tag on... We were at a SF Bay Golden Retrievers Meetup Event! Our first time, and so much fun!
Ready? Throw the ball please!
My first meet up pal.....Buddy! Actually, mom met him first, as this 18mo cuttie pal gave her a nice slobber!
Buddy liked my ball too, so we ran for it!
Come on pal!
Sammie!!?? Where are you? " I'm here...just helping my peeps, I'll come play in a minute :)"
Some of the goldens we met.
If I couldn't find my ball...I would check in with Buddy, the ball a bath and drinky.
Lots of smiling faces :)
And, my waggy was a HOT day!
We were all gathered at the Seal Point Dog Park in San Mateo County. This parkie has a lot of space to run!!
Gathering under the shade area. Got my eyes on you mom.
Sammie soon joined in with her kong...she's in the middle...NOT with the kong..
And, yea...this time it was ME with Sammie's kong. I'm sorry super pal, you have the bestest of toys!!! Sammie' in the back there, with a wink wink to her pa, his arm out to snag back HER kong!
As you know I like water...any size dish will do! And, must share :)
Let me help you with that!
Here's the group. We met a lot of nice goldens and hoomans!
Guess who made her appearance :) Miss A puppy! She wasn't allowed to come in, for good reason, but gosh does she steal the show and bring big smiles! Such a cooperative little pal on this golden adventure. You'll get to play soon enough sweet Avalon! Picture time! Everyone stand still and look at the camera. Ok...that didn't last long... Below, Sammie and I are back under the shade! What a nice time! Thank you Ashley for organizing! We hope to do more with the meet up group. ...As we meandered our way home, we made a stop in the town of Pacifica..
Although it was a beautiful day, we didn't venture down to visit these crashing waves...
In fact, my face below shows what I thought of not getting to go to the beach! Barky face in the window! (btw - the car was still going with air on, and Sammie's dad hanging with us in the back seat)
Our mom's got out for a quick view check and photo op!
At this point, we were all pretty tuckered out..ready to head home!
Hope you had a nice weekend. See you again soon pals!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Walking towards the sky....

Greetings my friends! Mom and I on today's morning walkie, which for some reason has recently turned into big morning hikes! What has gotten in to mom?
The sun has been shining, hills have turned summer brown, and mornings are just cool enough for some hiking. I'm willing to go provided I get lots of water, shade breaks and sticks :)
The past few mornings, mom seems quite keen on this particular route...pretty views, very quiet, lots of sky...
And good grief...many uphills!
Thanks!! Yummy waters....I'll take some on my head too, ok?
Oh's up we go.
Looking back...Mt. Tamalpais in the distance.
To the other side...far out is the hint of San Pablo Bay.
Break time thank you! We take a few minutes at the shady spots. The air is still cool with a few breezes .
There's a bee in there......
Lots of monkey flowers. Didn't see any actual monkeys though :)
Oh yeah! My stickie on our first day out here...nice one, eh?
The trail ends at private property. At that point, we rest a bit then turn around and off we go...down down down....
And down...
Another stick break.
This was today's stickie. And...shhhh, I snuck stickie in the car when we got back... :)Ah ha! You know.....always return to my swimmin' hole!
Nice walkie but I am SO ready for some pool!
Fill it up please!
Ah! I'll be here for a while! Have a sweet day pals!