Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mmmmmmmm Part 2

On our journey to DL Bliss State Park last weekend, we did a bit of exploring in other areas as well. Below I am checking things out at the start of the Flume Trail, near Spooner Lake. While our campmates were out cycling the Flume Trail, a popular and senic trail, mom and I had a jog around Martlette Lake...then relaxed on the park deck...
Back at the campground we walked a few trails with views looking down on Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay area. Throughout our weekend, as you can guess, I was most keen on my swims! Ready to go any distance, any time...just throw that ball!
Below at the little water-access-only cove we paddled to each day....
Loved playing on these granite boulders! And, a bit of running in the sand...
When motor boats weren't speeding by, the waters were pretty calm and nice for paddling. In my usual boat-riding position.... Quite an interesting band of rock cliffs. Can you see the daring fella on the boulder, photo right... Guess what he did! Youza!
We enjoyed camping and paddling with our friend Christina!
One of the days at our little beach...I met a new pal. You can see Maya waiting for me below...not much of a swimmer, but sure interested in playing each time I swam back to shore :) Maya came with her humans in the Mean Jean Tahoe motor boat! And, had a stylish life vest on!
Hi ya!
On our paddle back to the campground beach one afternoon, we passed these lucky furpals. A classic ride, and superb backdrop.
We were also amazed at the cliff climbers!
I was not at all hesitant to swim out pretty far....even gave mom a few gasps when I swam fast and quite a distance towards a lone mallard on TWO different occasions..... I didn't hear any of her recalls...(opps!) I did turn around at some point after swimming way out....couldn't tell mom why I did what I did...but I guess I finally made the right choice to come back to shore...according to mom :)
I'm out there...just a bit of brown fur in the waters...
Oh nice weekend.......hope we have more. It was great to visit this area off-season without all the typical crowds.
Hope you are having a nice week friends.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I think I've found my bliss...... Warm days, quiet shore, clear waters...
We've just returned from a 3 night camp trip to DL Bliss State Park which is just off the shores of Lake Tahoe.... In 1929, the Bliss family donated 744 acres to the State Park system. We were wow'd at the campground, beaches and trails! This was the last weekend of the season, so not as many folks as a typical Tahoe summer weekend.
Each day we paddled to a cove that only had water was like our private beach.
Loved playing on the granite boulders..... Peeking out...where's my ball!?
Oh, there we go. Launch that one far, ok?
Great boulders and awesome views. Below, our friend, Christina paddles behind my boulders.
What magical weather and clear waters. Such a treat! Tough to leave this sweet spot....will have a few more pix another time...
Have a nice week friends :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pinecrest Part II

Well...yes, there is a Part II to the climbing part I... last weekend... The annual Pinecrest Climb-in with the American Alpine Club found us here, at the climbing area called Gianelli Edges, beautiful granite and great climbing.
About 40+ folks attend each year, and this event is one of our favorites. Mom's climbing partner below, scoping out the next route with her belayer...Royal of the event.
At the climb site, I was keeping busy with some long lasting treats.... And, having a nice time meeting new pals. The golden below is 6 year old Hailey, and her hoomans. We loved the backdrop in this photo. It's me, below (sort of sideways) next to one of the super cute toller retrievers, named Madeline. There were about 6 furpals with climbing peeps here at the crag. Mom seemed quite popular....(didn't have to do with treats or anything).... These were some well behaved and very friendly furries!
Short but challenging routes. I didn't let mom stray too far out of my sight....I was pretty vocal when I felt that she getting a bit too high or too far! And, off she went...
It was a really nice day at the crag, we were pooped as we headed back down the trail. Come on! Back at Pinecrest Lake....calm winds and lovely temps. A few folks out for an early eve paddle.
Our group gathered for a barbeque Saturday evening. It was great to catch up and visit with folks we only see at this event.
Calm back out on the lake.
Another nice weekend trip......I made one last visit to the lake Sunday morning...campfire smoke lingering as the sun was shining, and we found a spot to play ball that wasn't near the many folks fishing from the shore. I was a happy pup :)
Have a nice week friends!