Friday, July 24, 2009

New kitchen hideouts...and camping here I come!!

A new favorite spot in the kitchen...rolling cart! Good for sitting in, and can even squeeze chewies and stuffies fit in there too. Yea.'s time for my first big adventure....a photo of mom there with Honey. Mom said Honey liked to ride in her kayak all over Hume Lake in Sequoia National Forest every summer, late July. SO....guess where we are going tomorrow! Hume Lake.... I get to try some camping, has packed some big looking bags for me, and claims she is taking EVERYTHING necessary to keep me safe and entertained...that means, gate, toys, food, tent of course....and I am sure she will just keep packing things in.....
There's me on the chair...Honey's photo is above....

My tunnel....

Nice got demoted from kitchen to yard...cause, I kept making peepees in it...!

Under dad's camp chair...on our porch..... Camping is going to be a lot different than practicing in the KITCHEN!!

See you in a few weeks pals!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Visiting dad at work....helping to sort for donations

Well....some of dad's co-workers wanted to meet me, mom and I went for a, did I luck out! They were cleaning out their warehouse to make some donations.....can you guess what dad does for a living?
He designs things for kitties...and they also make doggie beds and toys too. I helped review the toys, kitty beds, doggie stuff.....fantastic job. As it was hot out, I kept to the ones I could review under the truck...cooler there....

Mom trying to lure me away from the kitty toys....I really just wanted to play with the bag mom!By the way mom, WHAT IS UP WITH YOUR HAIR? Mmmmmmm...wrapper delicious...but, guess I'm not supposed to chew on that....

Good grief! That's lots of stuff.
I played with a few things...liked the ones with the squeekers the best. Met a lot of people.
Many of the beds and toys are being donated to doggie/kitty places.
Back at home I have a few toys....yet often...sticks and leaves blowin' in the wind keep me entertained!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cheese time with Golden Samantha

I have been taking lessons from some of my local it was a little walk, in a safe area, with Golden Samantha The best part...the appetizers Sammie's mom brought! Soft and chewy...Sammie seemed to love them.....hmmmm, yummy to me too!
Delicious...couldn't get enough! It's called cheeeeeeeese time!

I needed a better angle...Sammie has that advantage of being taller....

If I just hang on....seems to work even better...

And...after the was time to quench our thirst!
Thanks for the fun time Sammie!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Too HOT to play outside...hmmmm...what to do inside!?

Gosh! They didn't give us very much time at puppy socializing class.... I needed more to do when I got home. Mom said it was TOO hot hmmmmm....I do have this new is cozy for napping (and mom naps there too sometimes..wierd mom!!), soft on my snaggly teeth...and woowee...turtle shell time!

Needed a little napping mid-turtle time.....

Oh! Thank you Auntie Rita (at dad's work) for my super bed!

Friday, July 17, 2009

What an exciting week!!

Well! What can I say, a super bloggy connection week. Yipee. First, got a clean bill of health from my Dr. Bill. And, have had my second round of shots! Still being careful, and can't get into all the things I am eyeballing...but am on my way for more adventure!

As my side bar notes and as you can see up top, we received a wonderful NEW header with Honey on it too! Another Yipee and snaggle-tooth kisses!!

Thank you to Scout, Freyja and Mimi -

And....the Makes My Heart Smile buggy!! Thank you to wonderful Bell and Kimberly from Awesome Dogs @ OB Dog Beach - . Honey received one too! Another super Yipee and snaggle-tooth kisses!!

Here it is and then mom and I (with Honey in mind) will name 10 favorite sites and pass it on...but we love them all!!
1) Golden Samantha and family!
2) Scout, Freyja and Mimi - Loving for a Living :)
3) The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties!!
4) Traci, Farley and 1,000 Goldens Project!!
5) Max! Yea!
6) Tina and Meggi
7) Bailey!!!!!
8) Maggie and Mitch
9) Kess!
10) Sara Alves and Pu!!

So many more sites to name....but let's keep the game going!!
Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Accepting award for Golden Honey from Lucky Luke!!

Thank you Lucky Luke! Mom and I finally found this wonderful award given to Golden Honey on May 4, 2009. ...sorry it took so long! Lucky Luke asked that I accept it for Golden Honey. Of course I would! The photos above show sweet Honey on the left...and me nosing up to mom's camera on the right....
Lucky Luke - was a very special pal to mom and dad's Golden Honey - who as many of you know, passed over to The Rainbow Bridge April 2009, before I entered into their lives.

What Lucky Luke wrote to Honey is amazingly sweet.....

"...for truly touchin my heart...Golden Honey and so it is with greatest respect and love, I offer this extraordinary award to her...wif much love and sincere hope for comfort to those she left behind...on a counta Honey touched my heart... and many others. And she lives on."
From me, Sierra Rose: If you haven't met Lucky Luke, he is one beautiful and really lucky fella. Love ya!

In my new role, here with Golden Honey's mom and dad, I am thankful for all my new pals, and wish I had been able to get a few snaggle-tooths in with Honey, but know her spirit lives on.

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, July 11, 2009, gonna GET that camera!

Helping dad out here....he gets teased at work about his purple flowered snack bag...well, I'll do a remodel. I'm pretty good at that!
Gararararara. Remodel! Geeez...heavy duty dad!

Tough job for snaggle teeth.....will keep workin' on it....

Scary toy! Watch out pals. Mom recorded some scary sounds in there...I DON'T like it! Baaaaaaaaark! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

My toy guy, with ball and rope....,
........oh and dad's FACE! Good for kisses, and SNAGGLE-TEETH! Dad! Move your hand, I need a better shot!!!!!!!

Camera flash...gonna GET YA!

By the way! Good news, dad brought home a new bed! I fit, see! Feels good on my snaggle teeth too.

Yes, that's me again. Close up with mom's camera. Gonna get that camera!