Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Morning Drive....

Oh la la Sunday! ..this is later...
but for the morning and I took a drive..To foggy, and mysterious West join family in Pt. Reyes Station for breakfast.
Quite unusual to have low water in Nicasio Reservoir.
During "Winter" we are typically not seeing these sandy banks.
Mom slowed down so I could say "hello" to the moo's... Not sure what I thought of these pals...
Blooms and greens in full sun today! What a nice "winter" day.
Nicasio Reservoir, even if lower than usual, still quite beautiful.
Serpentine rock outcroppings...makes for a unique soil.
We visited family for breakfast, and a visit...then turned back to head home. The fog was gone, we could see more clearly...
Signs of Spring! Mustard blooms.
When we neared home, I let mom know, I was ready for my USUAL morning routine.. Ball time!
Got it!
Happy smiles....
So happy to run for a bit....
And feel the breezes in my furs!Hope you and yours have had a nice Sunday.
See you again soon my friends.

Monday, February 20, 2012 Winter passes...

A big greeting to all my pals! As usual, time has been passing too quickly... and Winter...what Winter? It's been much too dry here.
We have made just a few weekend trips to the mountains... A favorite stop on the way home, these boulders are usually covered in the fluffy white stuff...
A short hike takes us to Silver Lake. Clouds roll by teasing us with an evening dusting of snow... Most storms have NOT tracked our way this season.
I'm ok with the low snow, as it still makes for a nice roll and back scratch! Mmmmm.
We can see the contours of the lake. A beautiful quiet place to hike.
And play ball of course!
On my long line...just in case I decide to go-for-it in the icy lake!
Bouldering with mom!
Silly faces and yummy sticks!
Come back Winter...we need more snow pak to replinish our reservoirs!
Have a lovely week friends :) Hope to see you again soon.