Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moving towards FALL......

Oh shoot! This was to be the LAST photo... Oh well...
 Hi friends!  So sorry...once again...such a long time between posts... we're still here...  Humans still working away during the week, but most Friday's we have jumped in the camper and landed somwhere in the mountains...
 Last weekend we were in Truckee and then the Spooner Lake area, on the Nevada side of Tahoe. Hu-dad LOVES to ride the Flume Trail...and mom enjoys a bit of cycling, and then a nice hike with me :)  Here I am on the Spooner Lake Trail...and Spooner Lake photo above...
 We very much enjoyed the Tahoe - Fall colors! 
 Rewind...two weeks before.... we camped near Pinecrest Lake, off Highway 108.  The weekend went quickly, but our favorite day was Sunday, when we paddled around the lake with friends.  You can see, sweet Winslo next to one of the orange kayaks, and me heading out to the lake....  Such fun!
 My, post-swim kayak position.... the water was choppy, but we did fine, and I enjoyed the relax time :)
Above - Pinecrest Lake...such a beautiful area.
 Mom and I ran the lake trail around Pinecrest on Saturday...  loved when we got to stop for a swim :)
 Rewind....Labor Day!! This is on our drive home...from the Sierra Buttes. It was HOT, and I got to cool my furs in the Yuba River... Had my long line on, and mom pretty much fell in.. but it was so nice to cool off :)
 A great spot.... typically this spot is crowded with folks driving home from Burning Man. I think we missed the crowds this time, which was really nice.
 For Labor Day weekend, we were at our favorite campsite near the Sierra Buttes....and Sardine lakes... Here I am in Upper Sardine. Yay! One of my top favorite places!
This is Lower Sardine... We had a really nice time and I hope to come back here sometime soon!!
Hugs to you!