Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer campin'....

Greetings all! Missing my bloggy pals :) And, hoping those on the East Coast are doing ok.

Finally able to post some images from our trip to Hume Lake early August.

I was so excited to be camped at the lake, with 87 acres of warm water fun!

Hume Lake is located in Sequoia National Forest, in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains range. A favorite spot for our big summer camp trip.
Ready for swimmin' any time of day!

Just beyond the end of the lake is Kings Canyon National Park, one of the deepest canyons in the United States, at 8,000 feet deep.

We camped at Hume Lake Campground (5,200 ft) for 10 nights.

Hiked, swam, paddled...

Found the biggest stickies...

Enjoyed the rushing creeks...

And the calm beauty of the lake.

Kings Canyon..always just beyond the lake dam. Kings Canyon was formed by massive glaciers during the last Ice Age and includes 461,901 acres of impressive and expansive wild terrain.

One afternoon, hu-dad rode his skinny-tire bike from the campground deep into Kings Canyon until the road goes no farther....called Roads End.

Mom and I carefully navigated in our new rig down the narrow winding roads to meet dad, explore the canyon a bit, and give him a sag out back to our campground.

One of the Kings River forks. Moving fast.

A variety of jagged formations looming on either side of the canyon...many shades of stone...

Looking down towards a convergence of the Middle and South Forks of Kings River.

We made a number of little day trips to other areas of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National areas, but I was always happy to get back to the lake!



And evening paddles with mom and dad.

A fantastic trip, time went too fast...hope I get to return next summer!

See you again soon pals :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer explorin'!

Big summer greetings!

I've been out and about with my peeps for some summer fun!Can my pals (especially those familiar with Oregon) guess which mountain is hiding?
This is Trillium Lake.
We rolled in late the night before on a recommendation... it was so dark, we couldn't tell where we were! Turned out to be a beautiful lake and campground!

And view of Mt. Hood!

The lake was so tempting!

I had to take a swim after my ball....I mean pals....I mean, some fast feathered swimmers!
Too fast for me! But what a glorious day for swimming.

After a few nights in Oregon, including a night at the camper manufacturer...for a day of lots of little we went in our new rig, headed home to CA. Mount Shasta in the background.

A pit stop overnight at Castle Lake in the Shasta area, and a promissed great hike the next day...Dad led us up a big hill for some fantastic views.

Had to catch my breath looking out at Castle Lake, Mt. Shasta and the surrounding area.

With a really big drop just off this rock had a good grip on me!
Some fun times...and camper dealings...but we survived, and even made it to our next stop for 10 days! Hume Lake in Sequoia National Forest...

Will tell you about it soon 'cause, whew...I'm still pooped from these explorin's!

Have a great weekend my friends.