Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Get-Away

Wishing all a nice holiday.... We made a dash for the mountains and landed just in time for Christmas Eve sundown.... This little tree seemed to like our few ornaments.
Dad and I played the "it's snowing" game! Of course, I try to eat all the chunks of snows heading my way :)
Oh....and a pressie appeared in the little Christmas branches..along with a Milk Bone Ornament gifted to us by a neighbor who works at Sill Life Gifts. They make some amazing pieces.
Can you see the golden bone?
It was a pressie for mom....can you guess what it was? Hmmm...think think think.
No gentle-wrapper opening for this pressie....
Of course I helped manage the paper! Still guessing? From photo no. 5 in this post... Mom got a tripod! Happy mom :)
After lots of camera play, we headed to dinner at the Kirkwood Inn, and then to the Community Association for a Christmas Service that included much caroling. It was a nice evening, and I was even a very patient doggie during the service.
Saturday dawned with tremendous winds. Not much downhill skiing happening, so we found walks to do and things to check out. Above we see frozen ice and falls in the Red Cliffs area.
Inspecting the snow pack. Yes, there's lots of snows here.
We had our fun in the meadow at the base of Kirkwood Resort...
Watching out for Mr. Get-out-of-my-way!
Love this game! "Find It!"
Still lookin'!
Heehee! Up for air :) We didn't lose any balls this trip, whew!
Oh...and more smiles for mom. Dad gave her a new little super cool camera. The Panasonic Lumix. So much fun taking photos. And, so convenient for a pocket!
Lots and lots of mountain photos. Sunday made for a more pleasant ski day. About 12inches of new snow fell overnight, and much less winds. Mom and dad got in a few runs on the ski hill.
Dad in grey below...pondering his next turn. I was always ready for more rolls in the snow and "find it" games! The weekend was again over too soon....and we made our way safely and slowly down the very slippery mountain towards home. Ahhh... Have a nice week pals!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the season....delight, joy, wishes

A busy season for all. We continue to have constant rains, and lingering fog. Yet, seasonal lights still dazzle the eyes.... The biggest snowflakes I've ever seen.....
Among the rains and busy days we've found moments of smiles and joy. Spending time with some of my bestest pals...
This two part project was so much fun! Take a visit over to Sammie & Avalon's site for part 1 and 2 of this delicious endeavor... We captured a few 'outtakes' here :)
Watch out mom...Sammie and I NEED those cookies!
Mom was a good sport about it....we were gentle...but really needed to get to the COOOOKIES! Beautiful and yummers!
We were able to actually sit still for a few seconds.
Powdered sugars, carobs, yogurt chips, peanut butters...all the good stuff. Hugs thanks to Sammie & Avalon's mom for hosting!! Of course, she smelled and tasted the bestest too. Right Avalon? I gave M. my 2-paw high five! Wootwoot! Avalon followed with her high snooter snaggle! Ahhhhh. Project done. Time to enjoy!
We have delighted in the sweet holiday e-cards, and cards we have received.
Sending all of you very warm wishes this season.
And a very big wish to sweet Golden Boy Luke and family. Please join us....Power of the Paw.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pals + MUD equals...

So...I'll just say that this is the parting shot... As you will see...WHO WOULD WANT TO LEAVE THIS FANTASTIC PLACE!? Not my best effort to make a run for it. Let me introduce you to the most fabulous parkie.... the Mill Valley Dog Park.
Did I say Fun? Grab some pals...wait for LOTS OF RAIN...and let's go :)
Come on Sammie....back in the mud pal...over here... Oh yeah. Lots of these sweet puddles!
You can see my running form....Sammie + Avalon, some super fast pals...gotta keep up!
Here I come! Wait up! Mmmmmm.... Back in the bath. I've heard mud is great for the let's hang here for a bit ok?...geez..and mom was worried I would run away! below is mom holding her lonely box of chicken bites... Just in case I needed to RECALL... Whatever! I don't even care about FOOD at this point! But the ball, oh yeah... IN THE MUD! Got it! I got it!... No me!... Just look at this parkie! It's the bestest, no?! Mom again ....with her chicken, AND her Cesar Treat coupons she was hired to hand out this week. She's been fighting the flu, and whatnot so not as out there as intended. But working on it.
Guess what pals! The mud wasn't the whole story behind the Mill Valley Dog Parkie...Avalon and I knew there was more... Mmmmmm! Heeeheee! Sammie was already in! With Kong :) Wow! Way too much fun here.... This is a tributary from Richardson Bay to the San Francisco Bay.... a safe doggie swim spot. And, WE FOUND IT!!
Oh my! Did we have a fantastic time in this spot!
Get a load of Avalon's diving skills! She is one pro already! This is mom's favorite photo :) Water break? Exploring the muddy shoreline...
Phph! On the shore? Yeah right...Not for long! Back in! Whose got the ball? In unison now. Got the Kong!
In unison the other way.....
In sync....we haven't been practicin' or nuthin' :)
Get out? Hmmmm. I'll think about that...
We weren't the only ones hoggin' this fun place...
Love the mud!
Love the water!
Everybody in!
Ok mom...I'll 'recall to ya now....and have some of those tasty snacks you keep hiding in the tree!
Then I'll see ya....for another dunk in the pool :) fun ended and we were all headed off for some hosing off! Well...if mom could catch me :)
We're in for more rains...and hopefully more of these fantastic times.
We would like to give a HUGE Thank You to Sammie & Avalon's mom, who has accompanied us on many a dog parkie adventure, and credit most of these photos to her!
Have a nice weekend pals!