Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An Opps! With some roots, and furmom news...

My busy hoomans! How could they forget that my barkday happens EVERY April!

To make it up, I've been getting extra hugs, extra treats....

And promisses of another summer of cherished trips to this roots!Back under the moons of 2009 my soon-to-be hoomans camped at one of their all time favorite places, below the Sierra Buttes, at Sardine Lakes.
In the Spring of 2009 my soon-to-be hoomans had heavy hearts .....they had said goodbye to Golden Honey a constant companion for almost 14 years.
And, on this one trip to the area, they discovered a special property...went for a visit...and with big silly smiles....
Met some very cute, smart and fun pups!
Furmom and furdad, River and Trip greeted my soon-to-be hoomans at their Plumas County property in the Sierra Nevada's...bordered by Forest Service land and within a short walk to the Feather River. My soon-to-be hoomans made a number of camping trips to the area, and though all my siblings were sweet and cute...they picked me! Late Spring 2009 it was time to head out in to my new life of adventures!

Above is Mom, River. I was part of the Sargent Pepper Litter!

And...well...this story isn't just about me... River is due with her second litter SOON!

Can't wait to visit! Sure to be pretty sweet goldens. Dad, Trip, on their fantastic property!

The most amazing furs, and sparkling eyes.

So, I said goodbye to my siblings, all who have wonderful homes...and some I hope to meet again one day. You can even visit one of my brofurs, Gibbs, over at The Maybe Brothers blog! Gibbs and his handsome brofurs live in Plumas County and get their pick of swimmins' in many high country lakes! These days, with my hoomans, and as a more grown up pup... we make trips to camp under the Sierra Buttes, swim in Sardine Lakes, and pop over for a hello my roots family!
Love the beauty of the area.
And the fantastic stickies!
Have a really nice weekend friends! May we cherish every day with our hoomans!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Coolin' my furs

Happy Friday my friends.Mom surprised me with a quick drive to the other side of our town yesterday for swimming!

Or, would it be lots of ball tosses and splashing!
So excited and so ready to play!

A perfect afternoon of nice outdoor temps, and refreshing cool waters.

This is mom's mom's yard, where I LOVE to visit...

And, all to myself today!

The yard has some fantastic blooms going off. We didn't know what this was...

Beautiful in the sunlight.Big bushy Rhododendron below. Birds of Paradise.


What a treat!

Mom had allowed me a full hour of pool time, yeaooo!

..between her work schedules, this was a much needed mental break for her too :)

Hope to find myself back here lots!

Have a most wonderful weekend pals.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Impromptu MINI pool pawty!

Hi ya! Did I say 'mini' pool pawty....well, I really meant it :) [Someone, who's name begins with M...seemed to have a little trouble transporting anything bigger than THIS little pink number! ] Waaaaaaa!

I'm a good sport...and with great pals... Here's a favorite friend, E. who is staying with my pal Dixie for the week... E stopped by for a visit!
Then, with great timing...guess who! Miss Avalon showed up!

Sweet pal, Sammie enjoyed some backyard stickies :)

Avalon was down with the mini-pool pawty....

And we all enjoyed the stickies!

Sammie's turn with stickie monster, Avalon, while I took a dip in the mini.

All in on the action!

We provided our hoomans with much needed belly laughs, so we kept this up as long as possible!

Still-in-progress backyard can indeed provide a fun place with my pals!

Avalon outlasted Sammie and I....winning the stick every time!Ah, back to the mini pool.

Whew! Thanks for stopping by friends! Gotta take a roach now.

Smilin' at ya.

And, back to the cool waters.

Have a nice weekend.

See you again soon.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Season Finale

Hello! It's been a while. Photos from this past weekend at our favorite ski area, Kirkwood. Mom and I found lots of icicles on our morning walks.
Mmmm, icicles!
Clear skies, cold temps, retreating snows.
Post-ski, hanging out, watching the sun go down.

These snow shapes were everywhere.

Sunday and I walked through the plaza.

A mid-mountain favorite picnic spot. Great place to put your feet up for a few!

Sunday afternoon, we made a stop at beautiful, Silver Lake for a short walk.

The rock looked grand!

The lake was beautiful.

Some patches of blue waters showing under the thin ice.

You know I am always up for the biggest stickie I can find!

I wasn't ready to leave, as usual....

We made our three hour drive home.

Back to another busy week!

Have a wonderful day my friends :)