Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wet weekend and Award thanks!

Yeaooo!!! Not quite snow...but still super fun! Practicin'..maybe I can enter a Splash Doggies contest! There are competitions all over the country. Wonder if there's a belly flop category?
Here I go...Get my courage up.

Hmmm, couldn't do it...let's try the other side..... Goin' for it!
I'll call that graceful!
We'll take a splash break to give a big thanks to new pal Daisy Mae for this fantastic award!
It you stop by Daisy Mae's site today you may find some delicious COOKIES!!! things about ME! Oh gosh... 1) Love SNOW! 2) Re-phrase no.1...I really enjoy playing around in any form of WATER 3) Can't wait to go camping! 4) When mom suspects I've gotten into trouble and can't find me...I'm usually just hanging out somewhere chewing on my stick...good pup 5) However, when we're out and about and I get super excited about somethin', I can really fly around with yipeeee! 6) I can sleep good too...just need LOTS of exercise...And...
7) Very thankful for wonderful pals! Thank you wonderful pals!
Back to my splash practice and ball play.....Fun stuff! And, more fun stuff...referring to number three things about me...what did I mean..can't wait to go camping!!? Looks like I am already out in my camp tent!
Oh yeah, I'm happy!
And, oh yeah....just kidding...we're playing around, testing things out...didn't really go anywhere, as one of my hoomans is not feeling well and it took lots of convincing to JUST STAY HOME and GET BETTER!
And, did a little practicing for the neat, June 10 Bandana Day hosted by The Portuguese Water Blog pals! Must wear at all times..... Even when inspecting bugs in my waters...
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend friends!

Friday, May 28, 2010

FrEYEday.....Happy Weekend..

FrEYEday now is it? Well....I wanted to bring you some of our favorite EYEs!

Sweet niece.
Hey! Where'd this guy come from?
Friends of niece :)
Have a nice weekend!
No plans on our end yet....I'm hoping for a visit to my some of the resorts have reopened due to more snows! Mom says we'll see...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heart thanks and signs of Spring (maybe)

Missing our dear friend Max. Thank you for a wonderful friendship to so many around the world. Run free, sweet friend! You will always live in our hearts. It has been quite a season here. Spring seems to tease us with sunny days, and rainy dreary ones as well. Our Memorial Day camping trip to Sardine Lakes and the Sierra Buttes area was cancelled due to snow closures at all of the campgrounds.
As we thought of other places to visit while we have this three day weekend, we realized that many of our parks have experienced these late season storms.
Yosemite National Park Search and Rescue has been busy, as we are moving into big season, and folks are visiting...yet weather is bringing lots of surprises.
If you have a few minutes...this video took our breath away...we've missed it but may have to plan for next season :)
Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 9 - Frazil Ice

Love and light to all my friends.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Beach time to Town & Trail Class

Oh my my...yesterday afternoon was like a marathon of fun times. Mom and I explored a different area at Chrissy Field just below the Golden Gate Bridge....and, wow!
As us puppers need to be on leash to explore some areas here (wildlife preserves), I got lots of room to roam on my long line. I was so jazzed!
I haven't spent much time at the beach...but wow! I'm ready to go back..might need to take a little nap first though :)
It was such a pretty day out...nice break from our dreary foggy days.
I discovered the waves!! They will still take some getting used to...crashing, and slithering up the sandy shore... I'll be back waves!
I was pooped....but why leave? I'm not going. It's nice right here thank you. However.....I did have my last class of the Town & Trail series at our Humane Society... Did not want to miss this class! There was a slight hitch you can see in the picture below...TRAFFIC!
A little late, but we made the class!! Just in time for the group photo....while practicing sitting nicely in a new environment. This has really been a fun class. Each Wednesday eve we have met at a different trail or path. We have practiced many recalls, loose leash walking, polite greetings and passings.... Tonight was at a local shopping well as walking through, waiting at stairs and intersections, we got to spend time in a store practicing good manners!
I think I did pretty good, I must say!! This class was also passing us for the Humane Society's Canine Good Citizen Certificate. The last task was to stay with a 'stranger' while our hooman went into a nearby coffee shop...... We were having cheesecake and tea to celebrate the last class!
The instructor, Anni Black, gave us pressies, even trail mix to our hoomans :) and all of us pals passed and received certificates. Thank you Anni, and assistants, Candy and Amy! Most excellent!
This was one of those really nice afternoons that left us with big smiles.
Have a wonderful day pals.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless (few words) Wednesday

Hey there. Thank you.
Love YOU too :)
And YOU!
Have a nice rest of the week my friends!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Times of busy...moments of bliss.

Hi from me! I'm in my pool I mean. Mom's still been a bit busy, and I finally settled in at doggie camp, Camp K-9 that is. On day three, when mom picked me up, I turned back to give one of the camp folks a hug! I had found some nice pals to play, not so bad. But glad to have more home play time!!! Been doing lots of this:
As well as frequent morning quick plays... "hey, can we come over!?".... Hangin' out in a fabulous friend's yard..... Guess who! :) Red squeeky hedgehog is a favorite when I visit.
Below is a walkie mom, dad and I went on late can see the GG Bridge towers in the distance... Looking at Richardson Bay here, towards the town of Sausalito The sun was no where to be seen, and our usual cold and chilly FOG was rollin' in....
Arctic-coated, Mom and I tried for a snap shot....

And....always upon returning home, I check in with my waters....ahhhhh, just right.

Come on by!
We'll provide the hose....or would that be 'hose monster?' Or, might that be me....? Hmmmmm.... You can decide....take a look at the video, it's there..might have to scroll down.... Curtesy of Samanthawoof!! The vid is called 'Hose Monster'!! Thanks to Sammie's mom!

Onward to another week! See you again soon pals!