Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Road Closures and Pawty Pals

More on my pawty hat later.... Busy days continue here at home...fewer posts and blog visits these days...

So, a big hello all and nice to see you again :) Every so often mom and I just hop in the car...no specific destination in mind, but definitely up for some sort of walk. Sunday morning we happened upon this....

A few miles up the curvy Bolinas-Fairfax Road leading towards Mt. Tamalpais Watershed, our recent storms had prompted this road to be closed due to slides and damage.
The road closure was a surprise to us, but we were ready for something different! Off we went, meandering up the road...no vehicles...no mud... Just quiet.

It was early enough in the day, very little foot, paw and bicycle traffic.
The sun peeked out every once in a while, providing a glimmer to the canopy of leaves above.
Looking towards Mt. Tamalpais State Park.
New waterfalls. Lush velvety moss.

This area is part of the Marin Municipal Water District, the first in California.

Created in April of 1912 and includes 21,000 acres of protected land.Sun, wind and rain teased us throughout our hike.
After quite a lot of uphill hiking, we turned back before the road made a steep descent towards Alpine Dam.
Treated with more views all the way down.

After this fantastic walk, we caught up with a birthday pup Guess who!?
AND a mud puddle!
A welcomed cool down dip! The birthday celebration had just begun!
So glad to be included!!! Happy Birthday Miss Avalon!
Adjustable ears! And, fantastic eyeballs!
We were outside an ice cream parlor to celebrate!
We'll let Miss Avalon tell you more about her day!
Have a great week pals!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catch up Wednesday!

Hello to all! I have been meaning to check in.
It's been quite busy at home...
As you can see, we finally made a little dash to the mountains :)
This was Monday. Oh yeah!
Love it...
My snows! My sticks!
Investigatin' some stuff...
Just peeking out to say hello!
Hope to stop by and visit more :)
Have a fantastic week my friends!