Saturday, November 28, 2009


Where many family gatherings take place....straw-bale cottage lies beyond the gates.

Looking out towards Tomales Bay.

Can barely make out the brown rolling hills beyond.

Mom's brother's rescue doggie, Dozer. He can open latch handle doors, but not twist knobs. A huge sweetheart, and also a trouble-maker....thus, paw print in the pumpkin pie below...yes, Dozer punced on the pie! Fortunately, it had foil covering it....and he didn't get the entire pie!

Back to photos the day before Thanksgiving...the light was low, and mom kept giving me peanut butter to hold position...then I had to wear a skarf! I didn't mind so much, as long as it didn't get in the way of my peanut butter!

San Pablo Bay was very calm this day.
On a little walk, still great light. Sideways again!

Below...out on a pre-turkey walk with mom and dad. Hills looking towards Tomales Bay.

Have a wonderful weekend pals!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...thinking and being thankful...

Warm wishes too all.

Hallmark Hall of Fame Photo Contest...please send me a vote!

Hi ya pals! floating around on the web and blogs last night, mom and I found a fun contest...and entered me... It is the Hallmark Hall of Fame cutest pooch contest..., in conjunction to the TV movie, 'A Dog Named Christmas'. Some of the top winners will receive donations for their favorite animal charity. We thought that was really great! So, here's my entry photo, (wish I didn't have all the gear on...but, oh heart tag says 'Home Please') and a link below so you can check out the contest site, and send a vote if you like! There are lots of wonderful entries to check out!!! And, some pals already have thousands of votes!!!! YOU can enter too!

Have a really wonderful week and holiday friends!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

After the rain...

Saturday morning, storm clouds moved east, wind blowing the storm, tide was high...air fresh and crisp... Feeling more confident than a few days ago, and wondering how all our feathered friends were doing. A small venture, mom and I, heading out on our levy walk....below is looking behind towards Mt. Tamalpias. A clear day...all our places still here.

Muddy trail and lots of delicious mud smells.... Thick and gooshy. My snooter loved it! Not so for mom's shoes...the mud stuck real good making her clogs 3 times their size.... Oh well. Perhaps some boots next time, huh?
All our egrets, mallards, avocets were accounted can barely see them, but they're out there....
Some egrets waving their wings at me as I went by.
We had hoped to see the white pelicans...they must have been somewhere else this morning. Hope we see them again.
I made an effort to go through every puddle I could find.
Just checkin' things I usually do...
I think I'll just hang here for a while ok mom?

Friday, November 20, 2009

In those moments....

In those moments that happen so quickly you don't know how or why...they just happen. Yesterday afternoon on a short walkie, a big lab rushed over to us from an open garage across a wide street. It had a lead attached, and I could see someone in the garage. I thought it was just a greeting, but still healing from her operation, wanting Sierra to continue walking, I kept looking and moving forward.

Then I heard growly sounds, scuffling and then cries from Sierra. The lab was aggressive and had pinned her down. It happened SO fast. The owner quickly came over, reprimanding her dog and pulled him off Sierra. Sierra Rose continued to cry and was shaking. Couldn't believe this had happened. I found myself shaking too. I hugged Sierra, felt her for bite marks. The woman was mumbling something about moving and her dog was not happy about it. I was horrified, and just holding Sierra Rose.

Upon first inspection, I found only a few tufts of hair had been torn from her head. The owner apologized, saying to her dog 'what's gotten in to you?", then said that Sierra didn't seem injured, and went to put her dog in the backyard.

As we started to move away, Sierra was very ginger not wanting to put weight on a back leg and I realized her mouth was bloody. Panic! I memorized the house number on the street, and wondered if we could make it back to the car. I was in tears, and Sierra Rose was very quiet and seemed unsure. Just wanting us to get away and her to safety.

We made it to the car, our vet was able to see her right away. A tooth had gone through her lip and no wounds on her back leg, but probably internal bruising from the weight of the other dog. Her lady op. stitches looked fine. We were sent home with another round of Tramadol and ordered to lay low. I didn't feel that sense of relief yet for her being more or less ok...was just too shocked and upset. She was quiet and sleepy on the car ride home. Gave her lots of TLC and treats at our house.

It took me hours to decompress and reflect on this, as I never want to put my puppy in harm's way. All the "I should have's" and "what ifs" floated around in my head. Pretty upsetting. And, I was very angry for the moment.

Serria Rose is ok. She seemed to recover a lot quicker than I. And, I am so very thankful that the incident did not turn in to a huge attack. She's still a puppy! And, a bit small for her age.

So, we will lay low for a few inside...try to get her to nap a lot. Re-think some of our walks, try to coordinate more walk with pals (mostly her pal, Golden Samantha! Whose mom is a super star friend, and always knows what to do). And, make sure that I feel confident on handling such instances. You just never know....

Aw! Wishing that incident did not happen, but it did, and Sierra Rose is ok. Have a nice weekend friends. Thank you for letting us reflect here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just doing little walkies....

Hi ya. Well, per doctor orders, I have rested up as best I can to heal from my little lady op. I am cleared for LITTLE WALKIES! Stickin' my snooter out the window...but not too far overboard! I sometimes ride in my crate in the back, but don't like it so much for just short drives...unless I am provided with a few chewies and delicious snacks, of course!
Passing by this pasture...St. Vincent's School in the background...this is near the pumpkin patch that I visited before Halloween.
Here we are back at the Las Gallinas wildlife ponds... a series of ponds with treated no swimming for us doggies. A favorite stop for bird watchers, since a variety of species migrating on the Pacific Flyway, make the area home for fall and winter.
You can see a variety of ducks, Canada geese, American avocets, black-necked stilts, kildeer, raptors, lots of egrets...and more. This morning our walk started as usual, at the McInnis Parkie levy area. Across a marsh, mom noticed (what she thinks are) the American White Pelicans. After our usual route, we hopped levy trails to see the pelicans...not the best photos below, and we didn't want to get too close..... These pelicans are among the largest birds in North America. Very interesting birds, we found the following about winter, they are rarely found on the open seashore, preferring brackish estuaries and lagoons. They cross deserts and mountains but avoid the open ocean on migration. However, stray birds, often blown off course by hurricanes, have been seen in the Caribbean.
I am sure we will be back for some better photos. Mom forgot her good camera.
Mmmmmm. More to see and sticking my snooter closer to the source. A very calm, pretty morning.
Homebound...with one of Golden Samantha's borrowed toys! Haven't quite mastered how to use this one....
A few more snooter sniffs.....
We are so glad to hear that Max in South Africa is doing well! Love ya pal!
And, pleased that other pals are doing a lot better. Hugs to all of you!
See you again soon!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Laying low for a few days, but sending warm thoughts to some special pals!

Well......had my little lady operation a few days ago.... I didn't feel a thing..but am under doctor's orders to BE MELLOW. The doctor took mom aside, and told her it would be a challenge, as I was ready to step on the gas and go! And, he even gave me (and a bottle to take home) some "mellowing" pain meds... Ha! Well, in any has been working hard to keep me BUSY and from my usual zooming all around. It's sort of working.... A little area (yea, really little!) in mom's bedroom office...with lots of stuff to do (she is hoping!)
Golden Samantha's mom brought me some tasty fatty BONES from our local market! Thank you!!! Been working on those.

Bully stick, kong with peanut butter, squeeky toys....greasy thinks I have some attention problems, as I just move from one to the other and back around.... I do this with toys too!
On a more serious note, we want to say that we are thinking about all of our special pals around the world that are not doing so well. We send some big warm hugs and get well wishes!
We have made some amazing connections with all of you and will be checking in.
One big special THINKING OF YOU to Max and family in South Africa.

From one of my favorite walkie stops..... Bye for now pals....