Friday, December 9, 2011

Just local....

Happy almost weekend friends! I wanted to share a walk mom and I enjoy each week. Always practicing camera angles...I stayed still about 1 second each for these photos.Such quiet and beauty. Along our way....

Moss covered trees...on the route leading up to Phoenix Lake in our local Muncipal Watershed

Fall colors have been delighting us this year!

Canopies of light and dark as we hike a single track up to the lake.

Greeted by grey hues.. Phoenix lake is just behind the Buckeye tree.

And...lots of trees with beards :)

This was a special walk, as dad had joined us! The day was fading...time to head home.

Until next time!

Monday, December 5, 2011

24-hrs of Calistoga

Oh!!! It's been too long.

Hope you all are doing well, and have had a nice fall.

We have been enjoying some great hikes, and lovely fall colors...Friday, we joined our furpals for a walk in Rush Creek Open Space . One of our favorite local hikes.
Late Saturday, we decided on a little camp trip to Calistoga, just an hour up the road in Napa Valley. So glad for our little getaway! I found a great walking stick during our Sunday hike in Calistoga.
We did a beautiful hike Sunday morning on the Oat Hill Mine Trail starting at the north-western tip of downtown Calistoga. Clear skies and brisk air, this was a great start to Sunday!

We had to watch our steps in some parts. Looking towards Calistoga.

A funny history on the naming of this town: From a Visitor site "Sam Brannan, who once owned most of the town, was asked what he planned to do with his northern Napa property. He intended to make it the Saratoga Springs of California, but with his diction slurred by alcohol Brannan replied, "I'm going to make it the Calistoga of Sarafornia!" The Oat Hill Mine Trail is home to forests of Oak, Douglas Fir, Gray Pine and Cypress as well as grasslands covered in mosses.....quite lovely.

Post-hike...while dad cycled off on his road bike down the Silverado and I meandered through the valley stopping at a few local shops, and to take a number of photos.

Mom had wanted to see what the Clif Family Winery was she is a big fan of Clif Bars! We made a pit stop at Velo Vino, the tasting room. A festive spot!

Driving down the valley, fall colors are fading, yet some beautiful areas lit by late afternoon sun.

All are from properties along the Silverado Trail which winds through the Napa Valley.

We picked dad up where the Silverado Trail meets the town of Napa. The moon was out, it was time to journey home....a great little getaway! Hope we do it again soon :)

A parting shot from our hike back on Friday....I was trying to snaggle a cookie from mom's fingers.... My elf pose!

Have a really nice week my friends :)