Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer has arrived!

Greetings to all my fabulous bloggie pals! Summer finally's been working a lot from pals, Sammie & Avalon have been hanging out with me quite a bit... Above is my 'come get the ball!' look...I like to be just on the other side of the deck and peeking out!
And, of course, Avalon went for it, and got it!

Sammie and I on a lap across the deck...back to the pool side...

Well...just a quickie check in with all of you...

We are heading out today for a drive north to pick up a new camper...then home for a day or so...then if all good with the new rig, hoping to do our annual trip to Hume Lake...

I hope to say hello from camping!

Summer wishes to all :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Waking up in the mountains....

This ball toss goes out to my furpal Sophie!

A late drive last Friday feeling much better and so excited to make a little trip. We woke up in the mountains Saturday morning to warm temps, and soft snows!
Shorts and boots! Ready? Let's play!
Orange ball throws... recall practice...all more fun when I can jump around in the SNOW!

Dad....the flip flop guy..hey, throw my ball! Such a teaser dad is!


After I pooped out, my human's rode the lifts to hike a bit for some swooshing through July corn snow.

Friends that had been out since 7:30am, knew where the good snow was! Following friends down the ski hill.

Lots of ski wax and big smiles!

Not a breeze, just warm temps and great views.

Post-ski, and more play with moi, mom and dad headed out on a little mtn. bike pedal... They found some sweet spots. This cabin has Caples Lake views.

Caples Lake, late day sun.

We camped with friends Saturday eve, and Sunday arrived quickly...

Early afternoon Sunday..and with a short drive North on Hwy 88... I could barely contain myself.... lake swimming!

Mom and I hung out by this refreshing little lake while dad took a road bike pedal up Blue Lakes Road in Eldorado National Forest.

A beautiful area. We headed for home sweet home after the temps had cooled... A brief get-away, yet so enjoyable!
Happy 4th to my friends!