Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hangin' with my pal

You lookin'?
Nope! Guess we're not lookin'.
Ok, we'll look.
Good smells? Hmmmm.... I'll check it out too...
Sideways!? Ok, we're lookin' there a snack up there?
Oh yeah! Sittin' pretty...let's see that TREAT already!
I'm goin' for it! ....Sideways again!?!?!
Hey, you have a treat too? Can we get in on your snack please!
A few nice visits with, you guessed it, Golden Samantha...while her pawrents were away somewheres really special.... We had a fun time...until the heavy rains spoiled our nice sunny outdoor play! Good grief! Sun, come back!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow weekends with my pawrents

Off we go....most Friday eves...pile in the camper... This past Friday's drive was a doozy! Heavy traffic, pea soup FOG, then heavy SNOW. We crawled up the mountain roads, but made it safely. Saturday morning was a glorious sunny morning! Mom and I headed out to the meadow.
I had my Wubba this time... Wubba wubba.
And, we spotted the Running Creek Dog Sled, doing a ride around the meadow. Wow, these pals are fast! We had to move off to the side quite a bit. Run on!
Found a big stickie, of course...
Took my time with this one.
And, later had a pow wow with some other furries in the lodge breezway. Snoot and toot check, right!?
There was a fundraiser going on to support Discovery Blind Sports. This program partners up ski guides and blind skiiers. Fantastic! We made a donation and bought a few raffle tickets.... and mom won a really nice prize! :) Three bottles of wine from a new winery, Sera Fina Cellars. Great!
Saturday eve in the camper... heading out for an eve walkie...
Back in the meadow on Sunday.... It had started to dump some nice fluffy stuff Sunday had to mull over the thought of taking a 'well day' (hmmhmmm) from work on Monday, as this snow was looking quite soft and if it kept up for the night...mmmm...(dad has hip and spine problems, making the light and soft snow the least impact)....but dad ultimately decided, best to go to work...
A very slick and slippery drive down the mountain. Dad was at the wheel and is a great driver (of course, he has nervous nelly (aka mom) in the passenger seat! :)
There was a frightening moment just as we began our drive. Topping out at the Carson Spur, an suv of some sort, raced past a line of cars, came very close to us and as we all headed down, we could see that there were stopped vehicles lower down around a corner. The passing car tried to slow down, but at a speed around 40/50 on icy roads...not going to happen. The driver hit the breaks, spun and ended up going straight into the front to an oncoming Honda, and came to a halt facing the wrong way. Dad, going about 20mph, really had to work the camper to stop and not slide, and consequently, so did the vehicles behind us. Dad could see the car behind struggling to stop, and finally with about 3 feet to spare, stopped just to our side. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but there were a lot of angry drivers wondering what this speeding car was thinking! We never got an answer, but did give our names as witnesses for the two gals in the Honda (their air bags had deployed, and they were ok, it took a bit of time to realize what had happened), as this spot does not get cell reception, someone in one of the cars behind was able to get on his radio for highway patrol. As we were the front vehicle, and the crushed suv was over to just in front of the Honda, we paced the cars behind us down the road. A bit shaken, but more determined than ever to take it just that much more easy on the road, and hope that other folks will do the same.
And, when it was mom's turn to take the wheel, dad went to rest in the back, and look who became mom's co-pilot! Wootwoot!
Flashlight and emergency supplies piled up behind my seat just in case! Hangin' on!
Hope you had a nice weekend. I have been having a visitor here at her pawrents are on a trip...Guess who?!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Photo show from Tahoe Snow Day....

Have a nice weekend....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

These are the days...

Some images from my week... it has been a fun one so far!Below....It's one of my bloggie friends, Cabana!! We had a play date, with Golden Samantha too, at a local parkie earlier this week. So nice to meet you Cabana! She lives nearby, and we hope to meet again soon. What a fantastic time!
Go Cabana go!
A beautiful spot, lots of room to RUN!
Run run run!
And, then run for the pool! Golden Samantha and I chillin' in the little pool... Fill it up please! Sammie goes...and me to follow...break time over!
Posing for some photos! Our mom's couldn't stop laughing at something...can't remember what!
Us pups were pretty tired by that time....well, not Cabana, she was off and running even after we had to leave. Go Cabana go!
FUN times!!! Great to meet new friends!
* * * * * * *
And....the next day...I had to get up pretty early for a LONG drive, but more fun...this time...IN THE SNOW! Look what I found! Yeaoooooo. Got my ski pass on.... And, look who I got to chase a lot on this trip!!
And, got to share a stickie with ....sweet pal! This stickie's big enough for two.
Another fantastic day! I am totally pooped, AGAIN!
Hope you are having a nice week pals!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day Max and Family - Come join me on your World Tour stop!

Max! So glad you stopped by on your World Tour....we know you have been visiting many wondering places and friends. So happy to have you here.
Yes! Who do I see joining me on a local county Open Space trail....

We both had the same idea....always gotta have a stickie!
These trails are close to our home, quite pretty and always provide for some fun hikes.
A wonderful pal to hike and explore with. Thank you Max!

Looking out towards Richardson Bay...San Francisco would be heading south (towards the right of the frame)....
So, how about we now head to another favorite place...THE MOUNTAINS!

Max, you are such a great snow pal!
We are relaxing in the meadow at Kirkwood, in the Carson Pass area. A beautiful place.

Oh yes, don't want to lose the ball.

Max and family! We have you in our hearts, and are so glad to be a part of Max's World Tour. We think of you often and send much love.

Max, you are an incredible friend to so many around the world.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our special pals around the world.

We can't wait to visit Max's Tour stops.

With much love from us...Sierra Rose, mom and dad