Wednesday, February 17, 2010

These are the days...

Some images from my week... it has been a fun one so far!Below....It's one of my bloggie friends, Cabana!! We had a play date, with Golden Samantha too, at a local parkie earlier this week. So nice to meet you Cabana! She lives nearby, and we hope to meet again soon. What a fantastic time!
Go Cabana go!
A beautiful spot, lots of room to RUN!
Run run run!
And, then run for the pool! Golden Samantha and I chillin' in the little pool... Fill it up please! Sammie goes...and me to follow...break time over!
Posing for some photos! Our mom's couldn't stop laughing at something...can't remember what!
Us pups were pretty tired by that time....well, not Cabana, she was off and running even after we had to leave. Go Cabana go!
FUN times!!! Great to meet new friends!
* * * * * * *
And....the next day...I had to get up pretty early for a LONG drive, but more fun...this time...IN THE SNOW! Look what I found! Yeaoooooo. Got my ski pass on.... And, look who I got to chase a lot on this trip!!
And, got to share a stickie with ....sweet pal! This stickie's big enough for two.
Another fantastic day! I am totally pooped, AGAIN!
Hope you are having a nice week pals!


  1. Oh my, what great pictures! The first one is beautiful!!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  2. We had no idea pine cones came in a large size! WOW!
    How nice that you got to meet Cabana, Sierra Rose. You sure did have a fun day!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Hi Sierra, great pics! How cool to meet a new bloggie friend too. We are hoping to meet up with one of our bloggie friends in Scotland sometime soon.
    You all had really great fun - lovely to see all the moms too.
    We loved the sharing a stick pic - a true 'love is' shot!
    Have a lovely day.
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  4. That is an action packed adventure! Swimming, zoomies, sticks. You know how to party.


  5. Friends and snow - doesn't get any better.

    The Rocky Creek Gang

  6. It's so neat when you get to meet other blogging buddies! That's a great looking pinecone!

  7. Hi Sierra Rose,

    You are a lucky girl. You get to go so many places and meet new friends :) We are just waiting for spring to come in so we can get out!!!

    Emma Rose

  8. It's good to be a pooped pooch! I really like your doggie park... I guess you do too.

  9. Sierra Rose, I think you have the most fun. You are always smiling. Really good pictures. I noticed the one on the side today - of her not wanting to leave, hanging over someone's back. Hilarious,,,we love the stick game too. Happy rest of the week.

  10. You got some really great photos!! It's fun to re-live the playdate through your post, Sierra Rose. You MUST be exhausted, and mom, too. Hope you get some couch potato time today! Let's all get together again sometime soon!

  11. You are So Big!!!! And wow - you've got all the seasons - from a pool to the snow in one week - you are SO LUCKY!!!

    *kissey face*

  12. Looks like you had a fantastic time. No wonder, you are tired!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  13. Wow! (You beat me to both posts hehee!)! Yes, Sam's still sleeping!!! What a week and more to come! Sierra: we are so lucky to be such good pals! We certainly have a great time together!
    Big Hugs xo

  14. That is soooooo much fun!

    Pool AND snow!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  15. Two days of straight fun!? I feel cheerier than I did earlier. Your photos were making me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  16. You've had some fun days, Sierra. Wow, from the green grass of the Bay area, and swimming in pools to mountain snow! You are a lucky girl! Be sure to slurp your parents as a big thank you!

  17. Wow - it does look like you have had a very full week.

  18. Oooh! That pool is definitely somewhere my lab would like to be!

  19. Looks like some awesome adventures! From a swimming pool to a snowbank, never a dull moment!

  20. Sierra Rose, you are having an awful lot of fun! I love the pic with you and the pine cone :)

  21. Great snow pictures. Looks like you really enjoy playing in the snow. I used a few snow pictures from one of your previous post on my bloggie today.


  22. Wow, you were a social butterfly this week! How do you find time to be so social and still stay so pretty? It's like MAGIC!!!

  23. What a grand time you are having!!! Pooltime AND Snow - can't beat that. We have our own pool here today, lots of freezing rain has puddles in our yard. And maybe we will have some snow come in later. Mom says this is no time to have rain with the little one here.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. Wow! You lead a funner life than I do!

  25. Sierra Rose!
    What a great adventures you had! The pool and the snow looks like a lots of fun!



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