Thursday, February 4, 2010

Practicing my RECALLS and...some amazing art

Here I am at training class (Oakland Dog Training Club) waiting my turn...not all that excited, this can be difficult stuff for a "freewheelin'" puppy like me... Kind of look like a sneaky bugger in this photo, don't I? Wondering if my snooter can open that front door if I need to make an EXIT! Hmmmmmm... We watched Sammie (Golden Samantha She's a real pro at this, and has won some competitions! Go Sammie! Ears up pal!

Mom and I with the instructor, Barbara. We need a lot of help..and mom really needs some style pointers and a haircut!! Geez mom...I just couldn't look!
Well...I didn't do any sneaky bugger maneuvers...I was pretty good. And, we have a little video below with some nice music, if you would like to watch me practicing my RECALLS!
Whew! Now on to the amazing art... Mom has recently been in touch with a friend, and former co-worker who is an artist. She has put up a website We think she is quite talented, and are looking forward to more creature paintings, sculptures and creations. Kat had been hired to create some illustrations for a textbook in 2005.

Sweet little 'Leo', the son of another of our co-workers.

Kat's cat, Puddy....casting a purple shadow.

Self portrait. Wonderful work Kat!!! Looking forward to viewing more of your projects!

Hope you all are having a really nice week!


  1. Good work, Sierra Rose - you run to your Mom like you haven't seen her in days. Your mom's friend does beautiful work - that self-portrait is gorgeous.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

    Pee Ess, hoping you and Samantha aren't anywhere near that earthquake we heard about on the news tonight.

  2. Oh, you did so well at the school! You should get 5 extra cookies tonight!

  3. Oh Sierra Rose you really made me laugh! Your Mom's hair looked fine! You are really getting good at your recall. I am impressed. I know what a free spirit you are, so that takes a lot of concentration!
    The artist lady does very beautiful work. Maybe you could "pose" for her :)

    Emma Rose

  4. Go Sierra!!!

    We are going to see Cowboy this weekend. We will let you know how he is doing (and have Mama take some pictures to show) on Monday!


  5. Now if you'll just do as good a job at recall when you're outside with smells and squirrels and cats and dogs and people running about! That's the hard part, for Cabana anyway.

    Yes, that self-portrait is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your artist friend!

  6. Way to go Sierra!!! You're learning and you've got a good sense of humor!

    Does your trainer do 'restrained recalls'? Nothing helped our dogs' recalls more than those. One person holds the dog's collar and eggs the dog on verbally with high pitched excited noises, trying to get the dog super hyped. Then, the owner runs away from the dog, whooping, jumping, and generally acting like the most exciting thing that's ever crossed the dog's path. When the owner gets a distance away, she turns and calls. Then, she rewards the dog for at least 30 seconds, one treat at at time or with a game of tug.

    At that instant before the owner calls, the dog should be leaping and yelping and almost pulling over the person holding her. That's how excited you want the dog to be.

    I only went into so much detail because this technique has been like a miracle with every one of our 6 labs. We don't do a ton of these restrained recalls, one or two per day when they're young and once a week when they're reliable recallers. We want to make sure that they remain very exciting.

  7. Good job Sierra Rose! A few more practices and you'll be like a pro like Sammie! :)
    You mom's friend is quite an artist! Those are really beautiful artworks! Mom can't draw at all.

    Sam & June

    Well done Sweet Sierra!!!!!!!!!!
    You're sooooo funny tooooooo!!!!!!
    It seems like you didn't see your mommy for years!!!!!!!!!!
    And baby.....your mommy hair are perfect!!!!!!
    You should see our mommy hair!!!!!!!
    we're sooo sorry haven't been around for so long!!!!
    But our secretary had some problems as you know!!!!!
    Pooor mommy!!!!!
    You look soooooooooooooo beautiful....we love your close up.....
    the boys are drooling watching you!!!!!!!!!!!
    the painting of your friends are gorgeous and her self portrait is SUPER!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!
    have a wonderful weekend sweety!!!!!!!!
    Tons of love and kisses

  9. You are such a good girl, I love your enthusiasm and you go bouncing back to your Mom :) Thanks for sharing the beautiful art too!

  10. Way to go in your school!! I hate when they keep me from mom too, but it's worth running to her

  11. Hi Sierra Rose, we thought you did very well indeed!
    You are such a little puppy - it is good that you have Sammie to keep you right - such concentration is needed for that work.
    We bassets are not great at recall! Still we are working on it and if we had started as young as you, who knows.
    We laughed at your mom needing a style makeover - if you saw ours dressed for the cold!
    We pretend we don't know her.
    Kat's work was very impressive - clearly a very talented artist - we must check out her site.
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  12. Rekhall?

    What's that ;-)

    Thank woo fur sharing the video AND then the pawesome art!


  13. Hi, Sierra Rose!
    Good job!
    Kat's art work is pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. You are working hard and doing good, Sierra Rose!

    I am not good at this because my Mom keeps me on the lead and doesn't work me, but perhaps this summer we can do it.


  15. Good job, recall is so challenging for puppies!

  16. Hi Sierra - Thanks for stopping by! You must be learning competitive obedience just like Sammie. Those recalls are tough! But it's so nice to see pups working. :)

  17. Go Sierra Rose GO!!!! She's really doing good with her training.
    You know one of the things I like most about being with my doggie friends is that they don't care if I'm stylin or not. Hair not combed,,,no problem - they love me just as I am. Sort of like Mr. Rogers neighborhood! LOL

  18. You're doing excellent. I'm 11 so have my recalls down perfect but I'm going to make Henry watch this video so he can see it's not just for us old dogs.

  19. Way to go, Sierra! Keep up the good work!

    The artwork is very nice.



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