Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow weekends with my pawrents

Off we go....most Friday eves...pile in the camper... This past Friday's drive was a doozy! Heavy traffic, pea soup FOG, then heavy SNOW. We crawled up the mountain roads, but made it safely. Saturday morning was a glorious sunny morning! Mom and I headed out to the meadow.
I had my Wubba this time... Wubba wubba.
And, we spotted the Running Creek Dog Sled, doing a ride around the meadow. Wow, these pals are fast! We had to move off to the side quite a bit. Run on!
Found a big stickie, of course...
Took my time with this one.
And, later had a pow wow with some other furries in the lodge breezway. Snoot and toot check, right!?
There was a fundraiser going on to support Discovery Blind Sports. This program partners up ski guides and blind skiiers. Fantastic! We made a donation and bought a few raffle tickets.... and mom won a really nice prize! :) Three bottles of wine from a new winery, Sera Fina Cellars. Great!
Saturday eve in the camper... heading out for an eve walkie...
Back in the meadow on Sunday.... It had started to dump some nice fluffy stuff Sunday had to mull over the thought of taking a 'well day' (hmmhmmm) from work on Monday, as this snow was looking quite soft and if it kept up for the night...mmmm...(dad has hip and spine problems, making the light and soft snow the least impact)....but dad ultimately decided, best to go to work...
A very slick and slippery drive down the mountain. Dad was at the wheel and is a great driver (of course, he has nervous nelly (aka mom) in the passenger seat! :)
There was a frightening moment just as we began our drive. Topping out at the Carson Spur, an suv of some sort, raced past a line of cars, came very close to us and as we all headed down, we could see that there were stopped vehicles lower down around a corner. The passing car tried to slow down, but at a speed around 40/50 on icy roads...not going to happen. The driver hit the breaks, spun and ended up going straight into the front to an oncoming Honda, and came to a halt facing the wrong way. Dad, going about 20mph, really had to work the camper to stop and not slide, and consequently, so did the vehicles behind us. Dad could see the car behind struggling to stop, and finally with about 3 feet to spare, stopped just to our side. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but there were a lot of angry drivers wondering what this speeding car was thinking! We never got an answer, but did give our names as witnesses for the two gals in the Honda (their air bags had deployed, and they were ok, it took a bit of time to realize what had happened), as this spot does not get cell reception, someone in one of the cars behind was able to get on his radio for highway patrol. As we were the front vehicle, and the crushed suv was over to just in front of the Honda, we paced the cars behind us down the road. A bit shaken, but more determined than ever to take it just that much more easy on the road, and hope that other folks will do the same.
And, when it was mom's turn to take the wheel, dad went to rest in the back, and look who became mom's co-pilot! Wootwoot!
Flashlight and emergency supplies piled up behind my seat just in case! Hangin' on!
Hope you had a nice weekend. I have been having a visitor here at her pawrents are on a trip...Guess who?!


  1. Whew! Glad you guys are ok!

    Hummm... are you hanging out with SAMANTHA???? =)
    If it is her, give her a lick for me and the peeps.

    Loads of Licks,


  2. Oh, Sierra Rose, you find good sticks wherever you go! You're a smart girl to get outta the way of those runners, wow they were all running with a mission. Thank God, you all got home safe and sound. I can't guess who's your visitor.

  3. So it looks like the OP Pack has to move to California if it expects to see any good snow like you have. No wonder you still have snow falling on your blog:) We got a dusting late yesterday and most of it has already melted.

    Whew, so glad to hear that accident was injury-free. But so unnecessary. Some drivers are really idiots.

    Glad you were all safe and that your Dad is so careful.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder,and Ciara

  4. Super scary! What is up with people thinking they can go fast on the icy road. Glad everybody is OK. You and your wubba in the snow. That is one happy dog.


  5. What a fun trip you had - we are glad you were safe.

    The Rocky Creek Gang

  6. Scary moment there. We always say, people who REALLY know how to drive in snow are appropriately cautious.

    By the way - our hu-dad salutes you. He has only driven our RV once in the snow - and plans to not go for #2. We love winter camping, but wait on clear roads to do it.

  7. Sticks, snow, snoot and toot checks!!! Wow! If you ever need a good dawg to carry your luggage Sierra, call me. No, seriously-CALL ME!!!

    Glad you and your parents are all safe after that scary accident. That was way too close for comfort!

    Speakin' of comfort-you look very comfortable and SERIOUSLY ADORABLE as co-pilot!

    Woofs and sticky slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  8. That's scary about the crazy car and the airbags going off! Glad you are home safe. It must have been beautiful up in the mountains this weekend. It was so nice and sunny here!

    Hope you're having some fun with your "S"-girlfriend!!

  9. That is sooooo cool you got to see real sled dogs! We are glad you made it home safely, that sounds like a very scary drive :(

  10. WOW!

    That was a khlose one!

    We are furry happy woo are okay -

    Thanks fur sharing the SLED dogs!

    As fur your visitor: SAMMIE!?!


  11. Holy Cow! I am so glad you are ok and so are the others. I agree people can be really stupid. Is Sammie your visitor? Just guessing :) We are really itching to get the 5th wheel out and go-go-go. Hopefully next month!

    Emma Rose

  12. You look as proud being a co-pilot as my Linguini! What a fabulous camping trip with the exception of your almost accident. My M shivered when she read this. She had something similar happen to her and she claims she's traumatized. Thank you for sharing the fun and the beauty

  13. Whew, that sounds like a close call for sure...glad no one was hurt!
    Who's the visitor?
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  14. Gorgeous pictures! Especially liked the dog sled.

    What a crazy driver to cause such problems. Glad you're all ok.

  15. SIERRA YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Golden Clo

  16. Oh my, very scary story. I remember those drives - we always thought that the crazy drivers had spent their whole lives on the coast and didn't have a clue about snow. That's still my guess. Glad that you and everyone else was OK.

    It looks like the snow was divine!!!!

    I don't mean to be a busy-body so ignore me if you wish. I had a friend whose dog was killed in a car accident because he didn't have any kind of restraint on. I can't tell if you're wearing one... but now, our dogs wear seat belts. Yes, they make dog seat belts that clip into the seat belt recepticle on the seat.

    OK, I'm stopping. I can see that I am being a busy-body.

    I'm so glad that you had a fantastic weekend, and that the snow was soft for your dad's spine and hip!

  17. Wow that was scary!! Glad you had fun in the snow!!

  18. What a fun trip Sierra!! I bet you had a good time looking at the sled team. Good thing you got out of the way though!!

    Glad to you got to take your wubba along too!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  19. What a nice trip but that was a scary driving moment. Mom and dad always say those idiots don't belong on the road. They always ended up hurting someone else than themselves.
    Have fun with your pal Sammie!

    Sam & June

  20. GREAT pictures!!!! Wow, I'd love to be in that sled with those huskies! Errr... I mean helping them pull it. Sure...that's what I really meant.
    Play bows,

  21. Wow, that was a scary drive down the mountain. Lucky your Dad was driving so carefully!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  22. We're so glad you're okay, Sierra Rose! What a close call!
    Have fun with your visitor!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  23. Wow - glad you made it back down the mountain safely! If you are hanging with Samantha give her wags and kisses for me!

    Wags and Kisses,

  24. Harrowing! Glad you're all ok and had a fun weekend!

  25. Hey Sierra Rose,
    Our mom and dad know where Kirkwood is. Mom went x-country trail skiing there when she was "younger." Mom taught dad to ski at Boreal Ridge when they lived in Hayward (1986-88) while dad was stationed at NAS Alameda. Mom's family used to own a cabin at Kings Beach, just across on the inland side of the beach road. Camping looks like fun. Mom and dad used to go tent camping when they lived in CA. They'd go to Yosemite and up by the Calaveres Big Trees area. They don't go camping anymore though, mom prefers hotels now and we don't have a camper. But we're pretty sure that all of us dogs would love going camping with you. We could help to keep the camper warm, just don't let the Newfs eat anything gassy, and earplugs would be highly recommended.
    That ride back down to the Bay Area sounds a bit too exciting for our blood. There are too many idiots out driving when they should tied up somewhere else, literally.
    - TBH&K


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