Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From my day....

Ready???? Let's GO!....Oh...but! I must say...this is light on the harness and collar accessories...with all the training and classes I have been attending, some days I have 4 or 5 different things on me! Grrr. This is a nearby easy walk...and just as we headed out...we saw this tall amazing blue heron. So quiet, I didn't even notice...but, mom sure followed this one.
I was busy....didn't even know I was SO close!
Then the Blue Heron took flight and it was amazing.
THEN I noticed! For sure!
It was low tide in the little canal...all the boats sat in mud for now.
Often during our walks, mom has to lure me with treats or my one of my walkie balls with me below....
Checking out things by the lagoon....
On the way home, from the walk I had to sit near my toys and water bowl....I knew mom was talking to me....but I was using my selective hearing you have those pals?
Back at home....I LOVE to bug dad! He was trying to watch something called FOOTBALL....and distract me with that sticky...but, I was more interested in what mom was doin'...
Blahhhhhhh! No likey.
Oh! Some of you may remember Dad's HALLOWEEN COSTUME!?!?!?!? The front part? wanted to post this....This is what happens (at other people's houses) when you lay the kitty scratcher mat down...... Jump on board kitties! (I was in the car for visiting friends that foster about 9 kitties at a time.)
A grass shot from back at home....just playin' with something I found...
Crunch crunch crunch....
See ya again soon pals!!!


  1. Oh Sierra Rose you are growing into being such a lovely lady!!!! What a cool lagoon you have. We used to live by one too and we had white herons!!! Ok bye! Hugs Joey and Kealani

  2. Oh yes!

    Those blue herons are something else! That's why Mom was so happy when we saw the one on the neighbour's roof and she thought to khapture it with the flashie beastie!

    Woo looked sooooo furry khute in ALL your pikhs - grrrreat job!


  3. Hi Sierra! What a beautiful heron - I'm stunned that you didn't see it til you were almost on it hehee! You are such a birdie dog! Beautiful pix - love the kitties one and the stickie one with your dad! You sure look cute with that walkie ball too. I can't believe how grown-up you look in some of these pictures. I'm beginning to have troubles seeing the changes, but I see them through your blog now! Loves you, dear puppy!
    Hugs xo

  4. Selective Hearing Powers. Oh yes, we have those. Turn it on and off as need be.

  5. What a nice day. I'll take the chewie if you don't want it. Just sayin'

    love & wags,

  6. So you like the outside stickie better than the inside one? How about sending that inside one to OP? Great day you had there, Sierra. Thanks for sharing it.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  7. Hey, Sierra Rose

    We practice that selective hearing sometimes too. Love your ear crimpies, you are such a pretty girl.

    Tucker and Daisy

  8. We have that same hearing problem at our house! That bird sure was beautiful. Tell your Mom thanks for sharing those great photos.

    Emma Rose

  9. You are such a cute puppy! Wow. When we go training, our dogs end up wearing about five different things too. It drives us all nuts!

    What a great heron and great walk. You're a lucky puppy! But, don't bug dad while he watches football!

  10. woof! ive the selective hearing power too!

    ure such a beautiful girl!

    and love yr blog layout!

    woof, wags and hugs,

  11. Regarding the first picture of you and Dad:

    Uh...... ouch. :)

    One day you'll understand :)

  12. Sierra, you are growing up fast! You are very beautiful! We love those pictures and the heron is cool! Do you know that one heron came near our house one time? We didn't see it but mom sure did.

    Sam & June

  13. I had a herron bark at me! They are mean! :(

    Yummy sticks! Sticks rock!!!

  14. Hi Sierra Rose, we loved that blue heron! How cool that you got to see it fly - did you try to chase it?
    That looked like a very nice walk - we can see you growing up in every post!
    These Dads and their football are a bit of a nuisance - our advice is just keep annoying him until he plays.
    We expect humans have selective hearting too!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  15. Don't feel too badly about missing the heron at first; I did the same thing with an armadillo. What are you doing letting cats in your blog? LOL! You're a very cute puppy Sierra Rose and you have the most gorgeous name!

  16. Wow, the grass really IS greener on the other side! What a beautiful lawn you have, Sierra, and it shows off your color so well :-)
    I, too, have to hear a harness when I walk. I walk so well on a harness, but outside I turn into the lunging gasping freight train with a leash. You too? 'Sup with that?!
    Your pal,

  17. That look on your face was great!!! What a cool creature huh?

    Elizabeth & Luna

  18. What a fun day you have and what a lovely young lady you are!! I know we say it every time, but we can't believe how much you've grown!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  19. LOVE the pic of dad and Sierra when he's trying to look around her at the game! A fun, full day. Great post!

  20. Woof! WOW you were really close to that Heron. Oh! Let me say also that your grass is so green ... that's amazing. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  21. We hate to say this but we aren't all that fond of that football game, either, unless we get to play with the ball☺

  22. Hi, Sierra Rose!
    I have never seen a Heron in my life! Thanks for showing it!
    Selective hearing powers?? "Sounds" familiar to me!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. That was a beautiful heron. You are a beautiful girl and we enjoyed visiting you. Maybe you can visit us sometimes. Mom says Sasha has selective hearing. Especially when she get on the trail of a good sniff.
    Ernie & Sasha

  24. Hi Sierra,

    Nice hike! We love the pic of you all alert...a true field Golden!


    M, S & Kona


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