Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunday hike and pressie thank yous!

How did I end up like this? I'll tell you in a moment.Sunday morning mom and I ventured up to Ring Mountain. An Open Space Preserve, this little area is quite something with 360 degree views!Boulders that hold carvings created by Native Americans, as well as Serpintine soils that host extensive wildflowers.
California poppies and buttercups abound, our surroundings made us feel like we were in another place.
Another beautifully quiet morning, we had these wonderous trails all to ourselves.
Clear air, great sniffs... Back down our quiet path....looking towards the Richmond Bridge. And Monday! Wow, I was wondering if it was my barkday again... 'Cause, that would be ok!
A package from Wrigley!!!!! With a sweet card, and a thank you for my Paw It Forward box! So nice of you Wrigley. Thank you!!!
Are my eyes twinkling? I had never seen one like this before!!!! Couldn't wait.
Mmmmmmmmm! What nice leggies you have!! I was playing nice...don't let my snagglers fool you!
And.....speaking of my barkday....did I receive a nice surprise from super pal Golden Samantha.... Oh thank you!
Look at THIS card! Reminds me of some of my bloggy pals... Sammie wrote me a really nice barkday message
Well, I have to say...this Kong pressie...is just like the one Sammie has that I always love to 'borrow' when we are playing together... Not sure she really appreciates my toy snaggling... Now I have one of my very own!
You can see Sammie here, wondering what is going on! And!!! Oh yeah! My very own squirrels! Yipee! Oh....and there's more....we had some delicious barkday cupcake cookies!! Thank you Sammie and Sammie's mom! You made my day really special.As you can imagine, I've been quite busy with my new toys! I start with the orange one, and move on to pink furry one...and so on.... Squirrels are left for special occasions....and there's even one more from Wrigley...I can hear it squeek, but haven't snaggled it yet!!! Thank you for my special gifts! Come on over and play anytime!
Hope you are having a really nice week pals.


  1. Oh wow!!! Where do we/you begin? And that fuzzy wubba? We don't know what else to say!

    Sam & June

  2. Aw! How sweet :)
    What a lot of great toys...and those cupcakes look delicious!

    Very pretty pictures of Ring Mountain, it looks like spring with the lovely yellow flowers.

  3. Great pics and great presents! Enjoy!

  4. lucky you, all I had was a jab at the vet's !
    x x x Amie Soto Blossom

  5. Wow, I love that pink fuzzy Wubba!! That's soooo awesome!! And noms!?! What a great barkday!!

  6. You have grown into a beautiful young lady right before our very eyes!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  7. PS: That place looks like your version of the Top of the World!

  8. Woo! Kong-on-a-Rope! I LOVE Kong-on-a-Rope! What nice presents from your friends! That Snuggle Wubba looks like it would be very fun, too! And Ha woo, that card is great!

  9. Wow, lots to comment on here! Ring Mountain is breathtaking, you are beautiful, and your gifties are awesome!

  10. What great presents you got for your Barkday!


  11. Wow! Did you ever hit the jackpot girl! Enjoy all those fabulous toys :)

    Emma Rose

  12. Great presents, a pink Wubba for a pretty girl!

  13. The beautiful outdoors and presents too--A day that had everything!! :-))

  14. To say I khan tell how much woo love the Snuggle Wubba would be an understatement!

    I've loved my regular Wubbas so I know woo will love that soft pink one!

    Thanks fur sharing those GReat pressies AND your GReat day!


  15. Beautiful place!
    You got very nice presents, Sierra Rose!
    I can see you are enjoying them a lot!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. We have that wubba but ours is purple - lovely pink one. And kong on a rope is so much fun - no wonder you love Sammie's so much.

    Have lots of fun with your new toys and thanks for the tour of another great adventure.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. Awwww - how sweet of Wrigley! Grrreat pix of Ring Mountain - what a wonderful spot! I loves that place! And what fun we had opening your pressie heehee! Yumzers cupcakes - that's all I remember! FOOD!
    Hugs xoxoxoox

  18. Love the beautiful views from your Sunday hike. I am glad you have new toys to play with.

    Wags and Kisses,

  19. What grear pressies Sierra!!! I just LOVE our pink snuggle wubba...oh and the squirrels are SO MUCH FUN to pull out of their log house!!

    Mama says to tell your Mama to keep the NoCal pictures coming...she just loves the pics that your mama and Sammie's Mama post!!


  20. What fun Sierra...Alfie wishes he could help you "break in" some of those toys! :)

  21. Most excellent pressies - and most excellent hike pictures! It looks like life is good! :-)

    *kissey face*

  22. What a special day for a very special puppy!!

    I'm glad you had wildflowers after all of the rain that came your way this winter!

    A belly rub to a pretty golden!

  23. Happy Belated Birthday, Sierra-Rose! So glad to see you had a wonderful time!
    Your pal,

  24. Loot and a great hike ... it doesn't get any better!

  25. Yay fur pressies, and OH HOW BEAUTIFUL was that hike!!! I wish I could go hiking there wiff my mom and dad...


  26. Wow, Sierra, you scored big time!! It's always fun to get new toys!

  27. Wonderful gifts for a wonderful girl! Enjoy Sierra Rose. I hope your birthday was wonderful!

  28. Happy Birthday -

    You presents look like great fun! ENJOY!


  29. ♫HAPPY BARK-DAY TO WOO♫ We are so furry sorry that we are a little tardy. Momma has been so furry busy with momma things but we think she is back in the saddle again - what does that mean?

    You are such a furry lovely young lady, Miss Sierra Rose. We could tell all along that you were going to grow up to be so special.

    PeeEss: Momma got rid of the snow for you 'cause spring has sprung! Momma also said that if you want a different background, just give her some ideas. Also, would you like a new header using the photo of you on the bottom of your blog in the snow? All ya gotta do is whistle!

  30. Oh Sierra, that is so our kind of walk - it looked magical. The beautiful scenery and the scent of the wildflowers was just perfect for humans and canines.
    What a great gifts - a pink wubba - perfect!
    We love the way you were shaking it about and it's legs flopped about - what fun.
    As for those cupcakes - well Sierra - as soon as this volcanic ash clears we are on our way.
    Next available flight that will take two bassets!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxxx

  31. The look on Samantha's face is hilarious! That orange Kong looks awfully familiar! Glad you got some fun new toys, we can never have enough. Hope to see you soon, Sierra Rose!!

  32. What a fabulous hike, Sierra Rose! We love your Wubba! We've never had the fuzzy one before!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  33. Barkday!!!! I love that term. You're growing up!

    What great presents and cupcakes. Now you have your very own kong! Lucky you!

    It looked like a beautiful hike, and even better, I'm so happy that it was quiet... That gives you room to run!

  34. I think that fluffy wubba is going to be a lot of fun for you. That was some hike you took. What a cool place with big sky.


  35. Sierra Rose,

    Mom remembered that your mom had once asked if she has a good cobbler recipe. Well, mom just saw one that she is totally drooling over right now so she thought she should share it with your mom. Hope your mom will like it. http://thepioneerwoman.com/tasty-kitchen-blog/2010/05/a-tasty-recipe-my-grannys-chocolate-cobbler/

    Sam & June
    p/s: Mom said she may try to make it tonight but we are not allow to have chocolate. Boo...

  36. What a cute puppy......we have a puppy too and he also has that toy.....well, actually it was our toy but he took it! Mommy sent for lots of Orbee toys so now we have it back...plus doggie drool! ICE is featured on our blog every woofie Wednesday. Oh ICE also got jabbed with a needle....TWICE! He was chipped 2 weeks ago then Mommy found it in his furs so he had to have a new chip implanted=^Y^=

  37. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  38. What great gifts! That hike looked gorgeous too...lovin' the sunny weather!


  39. What a beautiful place for a nice walk.
    You sure got some wonderful presents there.

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  40. Oh, the joy Kong Wubbas bring us all!

  41. I really love that Wubba! You'll have hours of enjoyment w/ that gift Sierra! Happy Bark Day!!


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