Friday, December 10, 2010

Pals + MUD equals...

So...I'll just say that this is the parting shot... As you will see...WHO WOULD WANT TO LEAVE THIS FANTASTIC PLACE!? Not my best effort to make a run for it. Let me introduce you to the most fabulous parkie.... the Mill Valley Dog Park.
Did I say Fun? Grab some pals...wait for LOTS OF RAIN...and let's go :)
Come on Sammie....back in the mud pal...over here... Oh yeah. Lots of these sweet puddles!
You can see my running form....Sammie + Avalon, some super fast pals...gotta keep up!
Here I come! Wait up! Mmmmmm.... Back in the bath. I've heard mud is great for the let's hang here for a bit ok?...geez..and mom was worried I would run away! below is mom holding her lonely box of chicken bites... Just in case I needed to RECALL... Whatever! I don't even care about FOOD at this point! But the ball, oh yeah... IN THE MUD! Got it! I got it!... No me!... Just look at this parkie! It's the bestest, no?! Mom again ....with her chicken, AND her Cesar Treat coupons she was hired to hand out this week. She's been fighting the flu, and whatnot so not as out there as intended. But working on it.
Guess what pals! The mud wasn't the whole story behind the Mill Valley Dog Parkie...Avalon and I knew there was more... Mmmmmm! Heeeheee! Sammie was already in! With Kong :) Wow! Way too much fun here.... This is a tributary from Richardson Bay to the San Francisco Bay.... a safe doggie swim spot. And, WE FOUND IT!!
Oh my! Did we have a fantastic time in this spot!
Get a load of Avalon's diving skills! She is one pro already! This is mom's favorite photo :) Water break? Exploring the muddy shoreline...
Phph! On the shore? Yeah right...Not for long! Back in! Whose got the ball? In unison now. Got the Kong!
In unison the other way.....
In sync....we haven't been practicin' or nuthin' :)
Get out? Hmmmm. I'll think about that...
We weren't the only ones hoggin' this fun place...
Love the mud!
Love the water!
Everybody in!
Ok mom...I'll 'recall to ya now....and have some of those tasty snacks you keep hiding in the tree!
Then I'll see ya....for another dunk in the pool :) fun ended and we were all headed off for some hosing off! Well...if mom could catch me :)
We're in for more rains...and hopefully more of these fantastic times.
We would like to give a HUGE Thank You to Sammie & Avalon's mom, who has accompanied us on many a dog parkie adventure, and credit most of these photos to her!
Have a nice weekend pals!


  1. Oh where to start!

    GReat fun!

    That is SO a pawesome pikh of Avalon diving in
    AS was the in 'sync' pikh!

    I do have to ask about the fluffy tail and pantyloons!

    Woo really are some inkhredible mud pups!


  2. What a terrific park!! Boy did you EVER have a good time!! Avalon looks like an Olympic diver, and you all looked like synchronized swimmers!!!

  3. WOW!!! We miss our pond; it's all frozen over (but not frozen over enough yet that people can play hockey on it)... However.... It's been snowing ALL DAY!!! We haven't had a TON of accumulation (Mom says maybe 4-6 inches; there will be more at the resort), but finally we are getting more snow!!! We loved your card, BTW - thanks so much!!!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  4. That was SO much fun... I'm exhausted! It doesn't get better than my Gorgeous Free Golden Friends... Sierra Rose, Samantha and Avalon!!!

    This post was chock full o the cuteness and excitement! Just sayin.

    wif love from the Luke

  5. That looks like an AWESOME time! We have a lot of catching up to do but it looks like you're keeping well. Assuming there will be bath picture next? LOL!


  6. Clearly all of you had a blast!! What fun ;)

  7. Oh I can see the fun there! YOu're so right! Who wants to leave that place? That's just the perfect place for everyone to run, play in the puddles and swim with friends! What a perfect day you had with your friends!

  8. What a perfect day you had, Sierra Rose! It doesn't get much better than that!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. BOL! I'm laughin with yaz :) You have a super duper Mom bringin ya to a park filled with mud puddles. What a great time :)

    Waggin at ya,

  10. You and your friends had a REAL Golden Good Time! You looked like kids at the playground! Nobody ever wants to go home!
    But I'd hate to be Mom who had to get all of that mud off of you, especially if she's been fighting the flu!

    Raider is water phobic, he doesn't think swimming in the lake would be fun, but he never misses a puddle! Go Figure!!
    Scratches behind your ears,Sierra!

  11. You captured our fun beautifully in a wonderful post! Yes! Wasn't that a total ball (and we felt that the grownups really couldn't catch us heheh!). Avalon: I wuv hangin' with you a ton, Sierra - you're my type of gal! Sammie: I wuv you for taking Avalon off my hands for a while hee hee! Super fun!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  12. OK, That has to be the best mud pictures Ive seen in a long time and I know my dogs LOVE mud puddles!!!! And they dont even care how cold it is outside!!! Oh what a fun day! Thanks for sharing!!! Hugs Val Joey and Kealani

  13. Did you hear that big THUNK? That was the sound of me fainting when I saw the dogs in mud. My oh my! LOL

  14. Ciara, oh Ciara . . . where did she go? Rut roh, she just raced out the door and yelled she was on her way to Mill Park to find the other Sierra, Avalon, and Sammie so she could have fun in the mud too. BOL

    What a fun time you all had!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. WOW!!! What an amazing park and so many pals to have fun with!! I won't show the pics to my pups, they'll want to come and play too!! Glad you had a great time and hope you get to go again very soon!!!

  16. What an awesome, awesome park to play in. It looks perfect.

    ANd, like Khyra, we noticed a fluffy tail in one of those pictures. Did you have a Nordic pal?

  17. Absolutely a WONDERFUL looking place for all us 4 legged kinds...mud and swimming...nothing better!

  18. Everyone in my house is jealous. Not only did you have mud baths, but you swam in a real Bay! Woweee!

    Great action shots. I have the feeling that no one stayed still the entire time!

    And, yes, Avalon's belly flop skills are pawsome!

  19. I am guessing there was a bath after this fun! Mom cringed when she saw the mud - she clearly doesn't know how much fun there is in mud.

    Wags N Kisses,

  20. Pals + Mud = FUN!!!
    We give you 4 muddy paws up!!!

    Sam & June

  21. How FUN! MUD + WATER + Friends and Balls....YIKES...Overload!!! We just loved all of the action shots...but I think our favorite was the synchronized swimming!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  22. Hi Sierra!

    My email is

    I'm pestering my mom/secretary to get her butt in gear & get all my holiday cards out this week!

    Looking forward to getting yours!

    Love & Licks,

  23. Me again :)

    I finally got my cards in and would really like to send you one :) Please email me your dog house mailbox addy.


  24. WOWZERS! That looks like fun! I can't wait until all of our white stuff melts and I can do that! Great pics, my friends!

  25. Wow - Now THAT'S a great dog park! Mud puddles AND a real body of water! What lucky pups!

  26. Wow! You must have had very tired pups when you got home! How fun it looks!


  27. This must be a dream, cause we've never seen such a perfect spot!
    Thank you for the Christmas card!
    HO HO HO,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy
    (Kit too)

  28. Such a woofy wonderful dog park! I really liked your synchronized swimming too - I bet you could go to the olympics!!
    Big Berner hugs,


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