Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Morning Drive....

Oh la la Sunday! ..this is later...
but for the morning and I took a drive..To foggy, and mysterious West join family in Pt. Reyes Station for breakfast.
Quite unusual to have low water in Nicasio Reservoir.
During "Winter" we are typically not seeing these sandy banks.
Mom slowed down so I could say "hello" to the moo's... Not sure what I thought of these pals...
Blooms and greens in full sun today! What a nice "winter" day.
Nicasio Reservoir, even if lower than usual, still quite beautiful.
Serpentine rock outcroppings...makes for a unique soil.
We visited family for breakfast, and a visit...then turned back to head home. The fog was gone, we could see more clearly...
Signs of Spring! Mustard blooms.
When we neared home, I let mom know, I was ready for my USUAL morning routine.. Ball time!
Got it!
Happy smiles....
So happy to run for a bit....
And feel the breezes in my furs!Hope you and yours have had a nice Sunday.
See you again soon my friends.


  1. You are SUCH an athlete, Sierra Rose!! Beautiful pictures today!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  2. Sierra Rose, what a lovely area your mom took you to...AND you got to play ball!? Wow, you are one lucky dog!

  3. What a lovely way to spend a nice Sunday morning! We always love seeing your beautiful photos, Sierra Rose. Good to hear from you too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. OH Sierra Rose, what a beautiful drive you had. You are so lucky. And you get to play with balls. I don't get to anymore as you well know. Be very careful with those critters....they can really ruin your day.

    See ya soon

  5. So nice to see you Sierra Rose. We miss your pretty face. Looks like you and Mom had fun.

    Tucker and Daisy

  6. Sierra! So nice to see you again!!! We sure do enjoy all of your beautiful pics!!! It has been so grey and dreary here...your flowers look very pretty!!! Your smiling face is a welcome sight too!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  7. What a beautiful drive you had Sierra Rose. My mom is loving the flowers. I think she's starved for outside color!

    Love ya lots,

  8. Woof! Woof! Oh a COW!!! LOVELY photos ... especially your last photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Your looking as beautiful as ever Sierra Rose :-) X

  10. What FUN! That ball time looks especially fun to me!

  11. It's lovely to see your signs of spring! I have been to Pt Reyes Station many times, and it's beautiful. I'm glad that the fog lifted.

    You are such a graceful athlete. I love the action photos of you having fun!

  12. Sierra Rose, you lucky dog! I love Point Reyes! Those mustard blooms are special!

  13. Oh man your Sunday is/was the coolest...what beautiful countryside you have to share with everyone. The lack of rain is pretty obvious. Do you think it will affect the summer winds and possible drought?

  14. Hey there Sierra Rose,
    What an awesome outing. You are a picture of health and life. So glad you had a wonderful time.
    Sending lotsaluv to you all

  15. Sierra Rose you do look very happy! :D Marin is such a beautiful place to go for walkies :)

    Waggin at ya,

  16. Can't believe we missed this pretty post so full of incredible photos! From start to that cute, cute finish of Sierra, all are stunning! Already miss you all - cant wait to get this truck going and get headed out! Give Sierra hugs xoxo

  17. What an interesting drive and a fun day.

    Oh, no, we went to publish and found you have the dreaded evil word verification on. We hope you will consider turning it off cause a lot of bloggers have a problem reading the new form.

  18. I have been enjoying your blog and seeing your photo captures of the moments you choose to share. Reading your posts and sharing in your adventures has been rewarding for me. I want to say thank you and that I believe you deserve the Creative Capture Blogging Award. Please enjoy the fact that someone out here in the blogosphere enjoys your photo captures of the moments you choose to share. Stop by to get your badge if you would like to show others your award status. Keep blogging, keep photographing, and keep sharing. Congratulations and enjoy! : )
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