Thursday, July 29, 2010

Landed my Daydream!

I've made it to camping! :) This is Hume Lake...and a great spot to SWIM! Wasn't sure we would make it at all...a few delays, and a really loaded camper, mom was sure the bottom would fall out on our drive... But, 5 hours of driving, and a bit of major campsite setup, I'm here and so happy to be here :)
Already had lots and lots of lake swim times. Yay.
On the lake we can see into the massive and incredible rock formations of Kings Canyon.
Great weather so far!
There's a puppy in that boat....we tried to catch up, but they were fast!
Back at our campsite, boat ready, I was making sure everything was put in place, and set up properly.... then let my folks know we needed to get to the lake, again :)
Dad with his super special prescription diving goggles! Good for a giggle, I'd say :) dad. Can't believe we still fit in the kayak! Yay.
Hope you are having a nice week pals. Will check back soon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hello hello!! It's been a bit of time...somone's been busy, in need of camera batteries, etc...all the excuses! But, I've been daydreaming again...wishing I could rewind to a few weekends ago... Oh waters of Prosser Reservoir in Truckee.
Mmmmm..nice little Spanish Creek in Quincy. I'm staying and I NEED my stick!
However, the reality is that, that was a few weekends ago....and really, I have been doing more of these sorts of activities>>>
I sit, you treat...ok, I'll be gentle.
Not exactly the cool outdoor-type landscape, but this will do. Spash splash splash....
And, on to remembering where I was this time a year ago...and a wee bit smaller... Putting my super powers cap on to daydream my future to somwheres like this spot, hope it works! Daydreaming of these sorts of activities >>>
Hope mom will 'bring' the hair doo again. Attack!
This year someone may need to get his own boat!
Beam me up here please!!!!
Hope I find myself somewheres in the great outdoors soon. Wish me luck!
Happy week friends :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back from camping...Happy 4th!

Greetings! Happy post long weekend... Late last week, we hopped in the camper and headed towards the mountains. Horray! Mom works at the High Sierra Music Festival in the town of Quincy, CA each July 4th weekend.
Luckily, we camped off-site, next to a nice parkie and alongside a great swimming hole!
Quincy is the county seat of Plumas County, also the county of my birth home, the little town of Maybe. This trip we didn't have time to stop by Maybe, and Plumas Golden Retrievers, but definitely will be coming back to the area and hope to visit.
Spanish Creek was just a walk across our campground and had a fantastic swimming hole.
The above photo was actually a stop on the way home, at Donner Memorial State Park just outside of Truckee, CA. A favorite area for great trails and more swim time!
Of course, I had to find a stickie... and spend some quality snaggle time with stickie.
Below...back to our weekend in and dad spent much time here...the High Sierra Music Festival, in its 20th year. They said that this event was crazier and more crowded than ever, yet a nice lineup of musicians.
Dad and friends are avid music recorders. You can barely see Dad there under his sun fortress of shades with recording gear and microphones.... Below is Darol Anger and The Republic of Strings on stage. Quite good!
Although I didn't go into the festival madness, I did have lots of big playtimes and shady spots to nap in our truck. Dad and I on our way back to camp...1am...late night...zzzzzz
Below is yesterday's swimming in Prosser Reservoir, in the Tahoe National Forest just outside of Truckee. Great spot!
Dad was off somewheres out there on his mountain bike.... He loves the Emigrant Trail out and back to Stampede Reservoir, about 22 miles of rolling terrain.
I was quite happy for more swim time of course :)
And, homeward bound we go.... A sweet start to our summer camping! Have a really nice week friends. Hope to visit around soon!