Sunday, August 29, 2010

Skies and wind and weekend plan change

Furs blowin' quite a bit on our Saturday morning Open Space hike. With one of my humans not feeling good, and change of temps and weather in the mountains, we didn't make the trip to meet super pals, Sammie and Avalon. We were packed and ready to go!! You can imagine how excited I had been about this trip, and so disappointed I didn't get to enjoy some camp time with pals!
Wild skies, and breezy conditions back on our local hike, would have been nice to catch a wind plume to the big mountains...
A quiet hike, but for the breezes whispering in our ears.
Side trail detours. Our brown hills heading off towards the West.
We caught up by phone to Sammie and family. They were now at Silver Lake, exploring the area and hiking into some neat high country lakes.
Wishing I was there too! We lingered on this hike. Enjoying the distracting gusts and wild skies.
Our today's walkie photos disappeared, so we'll end here and just say....
Have a sweet week pals :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday wrap up

Oh yes! Orange ball time! Dusk Sunday eve....just some late day backyard play. Wanted to wish you all a Happy Week ahead! My current favorite hiding spot is under this kayak. I might end up diging my way out of the backyard in this spot :) Not sure if mom would be thrilled about that, but ya never know.
And a little soak is good for anytime of day right!?
With ball in chompers, I head back to my waters... Note the yard fabric and mish mash of the yard...which mom made her project and now can't figure out what to put I tend to snaggle and dig....but wait!? Why is that even a question here....yummy sticks all over the yard would be fine with me! Don't ya agree? In any case, wondering if there are some suggestions out there for yard coverage, besides contractor fabric.....(we have a giant weed problem, but the fabric seems to help quite a bit)... Onward....
Got the spooky eye thing happening here....give me ball give me ball..... Oh wow! Got my wish! TWO balls :) Woopie.
Spooky eye trance at it again....
Oh my! Super spooky eye. Can ya see me? I'm just eyes.
And, back to those waters....mmmmm Have a great week pals!!!
Oh....and a little update on the great adventure of Golden Samantha and lil sis Avalon with the maiden voyage of their new 24ft trailer... Twenty Four sounds like lots of feet, not sure I can count that there paw translation?
Sammie and family are now on their second stop in the new trailer, near of our fave places. From brief phone calls with Sammie's mom...sounds like there has been lots of time figuring this new rig out...including early morning camper alarms going off, then vehicle Panic Buttons howling throughout the campground at 3am, mysteriously disappearing fresh water, trailer hitch detachment troubles, etc...they have met some very nice and helpful full-time campers along the way...AND furrie pals, Sammie and Avalon, have been nothing but very patient campers! Besides working out rv kinks, Sammie and Av have had some super fun times. We hope they will put pix up soon!!
We are planning to catch up with them near Silver Lake just south of Kirkwood this weekend....(oh I hope my snows are still there!!!) We are anxiously waiting for a report of good times and camper enjoyments from Sammie and family!
Ok...onwards towards tomorrow....have a really nice week friends.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Last Sunday images

Towards the end of last Sunday...a slight breeze on my ear floofs....nice views and peaceful places.We had made a little road trip Sunday. I was a good sport about having to share my usually cozy back seat with someone's bicycle... Fortunately still room to snoozle. A daytrip to visit long time friends staying in Stinson Beach.
I was a good girl. Just hangin' out nicely, not trying to snaggle any of the wood deck furniture or anything naughty and embarassing like that..... :)
What a day! A big bank of fog lingered just off the coast line.
On the drive home, late in the day.... someone decided he needed to ride that bicycle. We dropped him at the top of Mt. Tamalpais about 5pm, and caught up with him near the bottom, 2 hours later... Typical dad ride 'plan'.
By this time most park visitors had departed, roads were quiet, it was quite lovely and calm. Mom and I enjoyed the views. Looking towards Marin Headlands, and San Francisco.
Richardson Bay looking towards SF.
We were happy to hike around. Ridge line heading towards West Marin.
Caught a hawk on take-off.That fog still out there....late into the day. As the sun started to hide, my furs were soaking up those late day rays.
A really nice end to the weekend. Hope we catch more days like this.
Happy weekend my pals :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Great camp trip! Ready to go back :)

Oh, we miss camping already!!! It was a wonderful 2 weeks of high country....and just as we thought it would be nice to get home, and comfy....we're ready to go back! Splashing in Hume Lake.....
Mom and I, and Mrs Duckie. I was curious but never went too close.
Dad and I usually cheered mom on from the comfy back seat of the kayak while she paddled.
As you can see, we were ready to assist with paddling at any moment :)
Back in the waters. The lake is quite warm, and there are lots of boaters (non-motorized) and swimmers all day long. Mom liked to wear her life preserver while swimming :)
One of the neat mtn bike trails mom and dad explored.
An eve view from Inspiration Point above Hume Lake.
Mom doing an 'ahhhhhhhh!' at Inspiration Point.
Another ride....up to Buck's Rock Fire Lookout. Can you see it to the left there? Looked like a hobit house from the approach.
How neat is that!?
Buck's Rock is an active fire lookout and sits just above 8,500ft.
Big thunder heads and a view north towards Kings Canyon from some of the pillar formations on Buck's Rock.
Mom and dad spent quite a bit of time at the fire lookout, learning how they track and pinpoint fires. There is a little kitchen area, bed and lots of tracking devices and logs in the lookout.
Dad on his way up the many many stairs.....he had bike shoes on!
Beautiful blooms in the high country.
Back to our lake paddling...I mean relaxing :)
I was so relaxed, didn't even notice the many duckies floating behind us.
Another lovely late day at Hume.
I wasn't ready to leave this place. We had a wonderful time! I could never get tired of all my swimmings, and jogs around the lake with mom, exploring and campsite hang time.
If I couldn't get the ball away from dad, I just went for the ball WITH the thrower!
One of our favorite spots to paddle to and swim from.
Our last day! We played all day, then waited for the temps to cool before heading home, about 5 hours drive. Mom had some good snacks there....and we were allowing the boating stuff dry out before packing it all up.
Until next time Hume Lake!
Have a nice weekend pals :)