Monday, October 25, 2010

Some of the best mornings....parkie pix

When that rain departs and the sun decides to show.... Time to call the pals....and run run run!
McInnis Park was the happen' spot this morning. Wesley's dad had the longest throws...but, we were up for it! Run!
I was so happy! Behind me is our hoomans' best effort at blocking the really fun and gooey mud patch. Wesley! He was more into pocket sniffin', than running with us. Come on Wesley, let's go!
"I'm fine here friends....just chillin' and lookin' as handsome as ever :)" Go Sammie! It did not take long for thirst to kick in...always up for sharing a drinkie.
Avalon is ready for another round....or, perhaps a belly rub!
And....her best See Ya Again Soon Pals' snicker!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh yeah...the happs...with a touch of festive....

Hello furiends! Hanging out at Camp K-9.. Wootwoot! My tail wags super fast when I find mom pulling up to Camp. I get to go a few times a month, so it is always a treat :) In the spirit of my snagglers on with these camp buddies. Wooooo!
Yesterday was like double fun.....a day at Camp K-9 and then oh yeah...parkie time! Guess who was there :)
Lots of furpals at McInnis Park...we met Tweedles...who is being adopted from the Milo Foundation...he's there running towards Finnigan's mom in blue. Tweedles had a great time and covered lots and lots of parkie acreage visiting with everyone!
Mom's been busy again with event booths and demos and such. Long days at the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival this past weekend..... Product testers below :)
The big pumpkin contest!!! The winning pumpkin weighed in at 1,535 pounds. Safeway was sponsoring the contest, but also making donations to local chairities.
Lots of costumes that brought big smiles! Holiday skarves AND a chariot :)
Trying to photograph the little fella in the red bumble bee(???) costume..but someone with wild teeth really wanted to be in the photo :)
Ahhhh.... Guess I'm glad I missed all the costume and festival craziness... My fun this past weekend was hanging out with dad and spending time with Camp K-9 furpals. AND, time in my new snoozle spot.... Zzzzzzzz.
Have a nice week!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

but clear....Amazing performance by the Blue Angels .
Didn't like the loud engine roars :(