Saturday, April 7, 2012

Out for a Sunday hike

Join us! As dad was out of town last and I were inspired to visit a local fireroad... You've seen us on this one before.. It felt great to get out in the cool breezes and just walk towards the sky!We looked back as we headed UP the Loma Alta Fire Road in Marin County Open Space
The poppies are just starting to show.
Each turn in the trail had another view of the green hills.
A steep trail, but worth it!
We are lucky to live about 10 minutes from this area.
It was late afternoon as we made our way up this winding trail. We almost had it all to ourselves...not many hikers out.
"Are we there yet? I think I'm good...let's go back :)"
Mom prompted me with a few cookie bites along the trail to OUR top.....
We had reached the end of our fireroad! Not the top, but a great turn-around for us.
The wind was howling! It was nice, and oh so green everywhere!
I let mom know I was READY to head back...
Come on....
Stop for a little view break...
Caught more spring flowers peeking out of the grasses.
We had made it back down to our starting point. That's Big Rock... and there is another trail system heading up that side of the valley. Perhaps another day :)
Thanks for joining us! Have a really nice holiday weekend friends.
Hope to see you again soon.