Monday, April 26, 2010

Bye bye snow weekends....

Closing weekend....sad, as there is still so much snow to play in!
Soaking up the warm sun and soft snow. I just love this stuff! I'm staying right here...hugging my snows..... Mmmmmm....
The morning sun took a while to soften things...but still great for playing and rolling... Mom and dad visited the ski patrol doggies hanging at the top of the lift. There's Chewy in the middle checkin' things out.
Maybe I can sign myself up for this job!!! That would be fantastic.
T-shirts on display....we bought some last weekend.
Nice clear days and warm temps. Mountain with a caption cloud over it... Oh, and the costumes and slopeside bbq's.
Dad had a nice time.
I helped dad stay warm in the eve. He's under the blanky....sitting on his jade heating pad for his back.
Costumes everywhere.
Mom and her wigs!
And, me and MY snow and ball... Ahhhhh.
I'll just stay, ok!? Watching the morning snow sparkles.
Maybe I can convince mom and dad to make a trip to visit my snows sometime soon.
And.... wanted to say, 'Have a nice week pals!'

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's my special day!!

Hi ya! I'll be hangin' poolside today and you are most welcome to come join me for my first barkday! Maybe we can make some snow cones! How 'bout it mom? Mom thought it would be fun to reflect on my year. We found this neat mirror at a little antique shop. Yup! That's me...outgrew that bed pretty fast...still have my tent in the kitchen.
Snaggle teeth!
My first cheese with Golden Samantha!
Kitchen naps with mom when I would get her up in the wee hours of the morning to play!
First camping trip to Hume Lake.
Love the hairdo!
Lake Tahoe! In Golden Samantha's backyard. My trademark snarly face.
October at our local doggie park. It was a Halloween pawty! Sunset walkies. Oh've seen lots of these! And, these....
Mmmmmmm. So many thanks for sharing my year and making it even that much more special!! We'll see what year 2 brings! Wootwoot!
Come on by for some celebratin'...perhaps we'll have some big snowflakes falling.... :)
Have a nice week friends!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring weekend in the mountains

We're still making it to the mountains on the weekends. The season is coming to an end and I will really miss my snowtime! The Sierra Nevada's were as spectacular as ever and the sun made for a beautiful warm weekend.
Mom had a smudge on her, you may see a 'ghost' hanging out in the photos. No more deep powder, but more of a soft crust. Still fun. We worked on some long line recalls and retreiving.
If you look closely will see a pal in the upper and lower windows! The lower is the ski patrol room and an avalanche doggie was hanging out.
This is what I thought of mom's 30ft long line after a while!
Clear blue skies and a melting snow pack.
Snow sculpture creation!
Saturday eve we were hanging out in the camper and we heard some snootering outside! Had to check things out.....
Ohhhhh! Perhaps I'll just hang in here...look those chompers! :)
Saturday eve meant bbq and bonfire! Below is an old tumbler from a clothes washing machine. Great for contained bonfires!
Sunday mom and dad met some ski patrol pals at the top of the chairlift. They were selling t-shirts as a fundraiser for Avlanche Dogs. We bought 3 shifts!
Mom seemed to have fun with these fellas!
And, WOW! What a backdrop for a game of bitey face!! :)
I was ready for more play time when mom and dad got back. Let's go! Play ball!
I'm really happy just sitting in the snow too.
Or playing in the little creek in the meadow. Just a few more trips on the calendar for our weekend snow escapes... And...this is a special week for me!! Can you guess?