Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooktacular Spooky Night Activities

For the past few years, mom and dad have attended a neighbor (and exteneded family's) Halloween party....lots of kids (and adults) stop by. Thre are s'mores to make for the kids, wine and food for the adults and lots of candy and socializing for all! Even us puppies. It was a lovely eve....nearing a full moon I think.....
Hanging out near dad......
Didn't get ANY attention! wore the cat scratcher costume again! It didn't last long, as it was tough to eat anything, and he couldn't sit down!
Roastin' s'mores....careful not to light that HAIR on fire!
A very festive front patio.
Skeleton riding a motorcycle. Woowee!
Black lab aka bumble bee!
Come on in! One and all! Look at that bucket of SNACKS! attention!
Something for everyone!
See you again soon pals! Off to SLEEEEEEEEEEP. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Spooktacular parkie activities....

Mom and I stopped by our local McInnis County Park this eve, as the rangers were hosting a doggie costume party!!!!! We didn't see too many costumes, but the usual suspects were in attendence....good times... THIS little pal! Center of attention! Some of the best costumes! Pumpkins...pals....nice hoomans....who could ask for more...
The rangers put on quite a spread! Cupcakes for doggies and hoomans!
Treats galore right here...Yes! Finnie and I stayed on for more! Thanks! Aren't we sitting nicely?
Yea! An entire bag o treats!
Dive in pals!'s dad....TODAY at work! Doesn't look super comfy, eh? He designs cat scratchers, tunnels, condos and all-stuff-kitty for a LIVING! For the costume contest at work (mandatory participation!), he went as the ultimate kitty play station! Don't think he won the contest, but sure provided the office with some giggles!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Funny Monday start and little walk in the park....

Hi ya pals!'s the start to the day...I'm not sure what the big deal was, but mom seemed kinda mad...(I think I saw tears...). We went to our usual parkie...but some areas were closed so, we couldn't do our usual walk/run/sprint...and I was really riled up...snaggling everything, even mom! So, she piled me back in the car thing, and we drove over to the other enclosed parkie...I was SO excited to be there! Mom put my lead on, and I jumped out of the car, pulling her really hard! Well, just as she was locking the door of the car, with her key (lost the clicky thing at the parkie a few months ago), I gave some pretty big pulls......AND THE KEY SNAPPED IN HALF! Leaving HALF THE KEY IN THE LOCK!! Mom was pretty baffled. Oppppppppps! Wow! What?!?! Grrrrrrrr.... [ Fortunately, after a few saved us, as he works found a spare key at home, but the AAA locksmith was too busy to dig out the key, this problem is to be continued! Grrrrrrrr.....]
Ok. On to later in the day.... We got to go to a favorite and I....come along...I think you might like this one.....
Me! Ready to GO! The bridge is back!!! The fog decided to put it back, right?
Rock garden.
I know! Look at that! Some seals were playing around.

Mom makes me go up these long stairs as part of our walkie.....good grief!
Ok! Yes! The top of the stairs....
It was a nice day. Around we go.....walkie walkie.....
And, back around.....
Follow me...there's this little trail....lots to sniff!
Hang on some stuff to check out...
Back down those stairs....come on slow poke!
Whew! We did it! Nice walk. Let's hang out here a minute.
Alright! See ya again soon pals!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hanging's Saturday!

I know! Comfy huh? This is me after the doggie had to switch parkies for me, because the one we really like seems to have lots of mushrooms in the grass...and me with mushrooms....already did that and spent the day at the vet..... I LOVE the new parkie. Lots of pals to run with and play snaggle-face. And....we will have to be a bit creative on our my pal, you know....Golden Samantha and her folks left today for a WEEK! Sammie and I do a lot of walkies together..... Mom tells me she WILL be's a place we like to go. Just me and mom......Chrisy Field in SF...looking towards the Golden Gate is usually a spectacular view.....not today....something about 'stolen by fog'? Don't know about that. Back at home....with my tunnel! Got a new one, thanks to dad's co-worker, Karen. This one seems pretty snagglers are having a time of it!
Dad likes to put me in it and see if I can pop out! Yes I can dad!
Don't know what this purple guy is....long tuby has a hat and a smile and a squeeker....LOVE IT!
So, these are some of the things I'll be applying my time to this week...without my adventure pal, Sammie..... She is off to somewheres super special and you will see her on some other sites! No, not the movies..... See if you can figure it out......
Have fun this weekend pals!