Friday, January 28, 2011

Midweek snooter fun and late Friday light...

Wednesday morning found me here. Pink harness with top buckle, long line, my nose was tuned up and ready to go to work!
Our first dabble at Tracking! Coached by a wonderful and patient Elizabeth, who explained the goals, and carefully planted the most delicious treats with the stomp of her boot.
If you take a visit over to Sammie & Avalon's page, you will find more details about Tracking.
Elizabeth carefully lays down a separate track before each of our turns, making sure we are watching her.
With a sizeable treat bag in hand, of course we were watching!
On the long line, my snooter in action...I tracked footfalls (treats helped!) ...and also found a few deer goodies too :)
What a fun morning! And thank you to our friends for including us!
Hope we can try this sport again soon.
Onward to Friday...before the sun disappeared....a call to pals, made for a nice date at our Civic Center Park Just minutes from home, we had this sandy ring all to ourselves.
Fast floppy ears.
Ear back zooms.
Ring around the Kong.
Breathless. Ah so needed!
From the sandy corral, we headed out for a lap around the lagoon.
Sammie with grandpeep C, below.
Exploring the sky...they became silhouettes.
Avalon and I kept an eye out in all directions.

Shared a stick.
Though not for long...yet, you knew I couldn't leave stickie behind.
Watched the lagoon change light from the late day sun.
We greeted our feathered friends.
Home to Mallards, gulls, sometimes geese, and on occasion river otters.
And too quickly parkie time was over and off we went....our separate ways.
Glad to bask in the late day light.
Until we meet again! Have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January is FLYING..what I've been up to lately.

Me eyes..... on Monday...just waiting for my turn.Mom and I working obedience and listening to our coach, Barbara at the Oakland Dog Training Club.
Barbara L.H....telling it like it improve the bit of training mom and I are working on...
Barbara L.H. telling me I'm a good giving the 'eeeeeee' face... And, Sammie & Avalon's mom at the camera.
Here we go..heeling around the room... I'm watchin' ya mom :)
And....the Friday before....we met up with Avalon and Shasta, along with their big sis's, Sammie and Shanti for some parkie obedience practice! Always a good time. The puppers, Shasta, Avalon and me...practicing our sit & stay for one minute.
Our long downs...
I was kind of snoozling through the down....
Rewind to the weekend before, when we got to do walkies with dad. Yay!
Watching the sunset from the Las Gallinas levies...a nice flat, late day walkie. These are treated water ponds, on land just next to our fave park, McInnis...a great place for leashed walkies, as well as, bird and otter watching!
The bank of solar panels is hidden at the far end. We made a point to check these out. Quite a lot of them...and they power this entire treatment plant and have extra energy to give back!
Rewind to just this past Sunday...a me and mom hike. We LOVE these :)
Up up's favorite. And, a new fireroad for us to explore.
Up we go...into more Open Space areas..not a major traffic trail, but for the few that wanted a great workout, this was pristine.
Upper views of Mt. Tamalpais.... We met some dedicated hiker pals...Angel, on the right is 15 yo!
Happy to tag along with mom...we kept our pace...a new trail, new smells...
Of course I needed a stikie to hike with! This one was just the right size :)
Did I say "up we go"...yes, I meant it....and this was on the way back...what?!
Finally.....down we went...onward back to our starting point. Lovely green, quiet and peaceful. Beautiful skies and calm winds. Ahhhhhhh.... Hope you have a nice week my friends!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time to catch up....

New Year's Day has come and gone... Time is moving so quickly these days...just sitting down to catch up.
New Year's Eve we headed from our Silver Lake Snowshoe, over the Carson Spur and rolled on in to the Kirkwood area.
Bonfire raging, New Year's Eve revelers gathering.
The traditional torchlight parade down the ski hill dazzled us once again.
A fine way to celebrate...fireworks and all....(not fond of the firework kabooms, I hung back and stayed cozy in the camper.) New Year's Day dawned a stormy one and continued through the weekend...yet I was always ready for games and snow time no matter what the weather offered.
Sunday afternoon we carefully wound our way down the mountain toward home.
The days that followed have provided busy schedules and heartfelt news...
Tears with the passing of
Sweet Golden Boy Luke. A cherished pal, who will remain in our hearts forever.
Run Free and out of pain my friend.Just as the brook below turns and changes, so do strange events at home.
Sammie and Avalon's sweet kitty, Ozzie had a mysterious incident. We know Ozzie is tough and hope for a succesful surgery tommorrow and a quick recovery.
As we gathered round the mountain campfire, so to speak, on weekends that we do make it to this snowy place, there are always friends checking in with job and family changes, and onward adventures. Sometimes great news, sometimes not.Then, back to town and back to busy for us. I have been spending quite a few days with my pals at Camp K-9... and always happy at the end of each day, to be back home for a warm greeting and great snacks from mom and dad... Tired and thankful for rest. A nap and moment of silence.
For I shall smile at you again soon. See you in a blink my friends. Zzzzzzzzz.