Sunday, June 26, 2011

In my backyard...

Happy end-of-weekend friends! ...I know, never nice to end a weekend... Mom's has the sickies...too much work stress...not enough sleep...

Easy to pick up bugs, she said. She'll be ok, just needs a few days of rest...

And probably more quality ball tossing time with ME!

I'm patient. Ready when you are Orange Ball.
I reminded mom of the nice places we visit when she is feeling super
...which I hope will be SOON!
I found a few more pix to share from our in Lake Tahoe visit a few weeks back... SWIMMING!

I was on a super duper long line...and of course someone was still worried that I would swim out to greet the passing duckies and I did last summer at D.L. Bliss..

I still had lots of fun in the chilly waters, and there were some great views at every turn.

Looking out...and a little view of my wet floofy tail :)

Less obstructed view :)

With the HOT days we've had recently, the snow from a few weeks back is melting quite a bit.

I'm always up for a mountain visit...snow or sun! For now, we'll get mom better, and enjoy the sunsets from our little upstairs balcony where I can look out, and keep an eye on mom too.

Give your humans a hug!

See you again soon pals.

Sierra Rose

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Weekend's Venture

It has been a busy week....finally getting around to a few pix to share with you from last weekend... Our first really nice warm weekend! My humans and I ventured an hour north last Friday to go to something called the Health & Harmony Festival. A big festival and going on for 33 years! I only got to go because our RV campground was close to the festival, but off site and quiet. Mom and dad put up a pop up tent for shade and we made a bit of an outdoor lounge. I did not like this gravely ground wasn't nice for my tootsies when I went after my ball!
My humans checked out a few of the many many musicians performing... Rootz Underground above.

An all time favorite from Vermont, Grace Potter and the Noctournals, gave a fantastic performance!

There were many booths, health talks, gardens, parades, sculptures Friday through Sunday.

I chilled out in our cool camper and was soooo ready to go when we made a number of 10-minute drives up to Spring Lake! This is one of the regional parks in Sonoma County and great for lots of activities!

So many things caught my eye as we explored the trails.

It was a hot day! Mom let me cool down a few I am not supposed to be swimmin' around in Spring Lake. Oh, but I was so ready to go say hi to all the duckies!

A nice 2 mile trail around the lake, and for human and horsie hiking and mountain biking, Annadel State Park is just next door.

Ahhhhhh! Thanks dad!

A nice weekend... but always nice to get back home :)

I have lots of projects I am working on!

Have a really nice weekend friends!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finding my spring snows...

A visit back to the mountains last weekend.... Still finding the bestest stickies! Spring teased us with sun, storms, winds and fresh snow!
The storm that blew in Saturday, provided almost 8 inches of snow!

Making for a fun long walk with my humans Saturday evening.

Little creeks breaking through the meadow snow cover.
Before the storm , we could see the craggy caves of Red Cliffs.
And, Sunday the storm closed in on the upper mountain.

Sun breaks...
Calming weather predicted, we decided to head north on Hwy 88, making the turn towards South Lake Tahoe.With sun the day after, we hiked around near the Emerald Bay area.

Amazing vistas. Fannette Island, the only island in Lake Tahoe.

Constant changing clouds over craggy peaks.

Still a chilly day, but I had my double furs on :)

Looking towards the Camp Richardson area, and Heavenly ski trails.

Certainly nice to be in the mountain air again.

Hope you had a nice weekend!
See you again soon pals.