Monday, August 10, 2009

Camping, camping, camping....

In the kayak....we had great weather most days....
Kings Canyon is an amazing place. Incredible rock, deep canyons and is one of the largest road-less terrains in the USA.

I got to dig all I wanted while thought I was trying to hit water...or up-root some of the big trees... Nope, just diggin' to do it!

We kayaked each afternoon around Hume Lake.

I usually rode with dad, and sat between his legs....not sure what I was doing here for the photo.

We had some friends visit for a few and our friend, Sparky (has endless energy), went on a big road bike ride into Kings Canyon.

Every morning, mom and I would race down to the little Hume'n Beane coffee deck for mom's coffee, my dose of lots of kids, and I always got some good deck sniffing in. And, water of course!'s mountain bike frame cracked a few days in to the trip...luckily, we were close to an area that had internet. This day, I hung out a very long time at the boat shack with dad and mom....lots of kids to visit with, but I really would have rather been swimming in the lake....

Watching other paddlers....

Back in the boat with dad.

How come dad gets to chow down!? I love that chair...I have it on the deck at home too. Very snuggly.

Mom's getting me used to the lake water...I was very hesitant at first, and would cling on to her for dear life!

Then, just sit with too cold for me a few times...burrrr....

Loved sliding down that tent sidewall.

My little friend we met on the first day at the cafe deck.

Hanging out on the would try to get through one cup of coffee, while I played and sniffed around the deck floor, and met lots of Hume Lake campers.

Mom with a big tree trunk!

Everyday, I would change colors from the dirt I played in. But, got washed off every afternoon in the lake.

Dad heading off on a mountain bike ride.
Did not like the fenced off area I was to hang out in when we first got to our camping site. Yuck! I want to be out around the site!
There's my tent red and blue, and the gate I didn't ended up being used for drying towells, and I got a bigger area with a runner, so I could be in the middle of the campsite, and mom and dad didn't have to worry I would bark or knock the gate down.

It took me a few nights to get used to night's sounds and all the different critters....squirrels, birds, spiders, bears, BEARS! We didn't see any at camp, but out on walkies, I was steered clear of the bear poop!
Mom and dad said I did really good camping. We hope to go again soon...perhaps for just the weekend.


  1. Steered woo khlear of the bear poops?

    That hardly seems right!


  2. wow - that' looks like you had an amazing time - if my mom weren't so old we might could do that too - but you know - old, blonde & southern - her idea of roughing it is a Holiday Inn!

  3. That was a whole lot of new experiences for the little puppy and look how well you handled it all!!!

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. Looks like you earn the camping merit badge!

  5. Wow, Sierra Rose, you had quite a vacation. We have to talk to Mommy about that camping thing, it looks great. We think you will be a kayaking pro like Honey real soon.

    Tucker and Daisy

  6. Great pictures! That looks like so much fun. Except for the Bear poop - that's too scarey!
    Hope you get to go camping again really soon.

    Emma Rose

  7. PS I almost forgot! The waterfalls were all within a mile or two of the campsite. The largest one was the furthest away and it was about 7 miles. All of them have places to park and really good trails to the water. There are also trails that are not so great but "doable"!

  8. Ohhhhhh - Sierra! Can I learn to camp with you? Bears and deers and coons and... and... tell me what else you smelled and heard out there! I'd just love to swim with you, although kayaking on top would drive me nuts! I'd want to dive in and swim alongside. Take me with you!!!! Bootiful pix! You are adorable!
    Hugs xo

  9. Looks like great fun in an amazing place. I'm very envious. That canyon must be something to see.

  10. Hi Sierra! What a fantastic trip! You looked right at home on that kayak...seems like a lot more fun than my floating mattress! You are getting so big. I hope I get to go camping with my family some day, too.
    Your pal,

  11. Wow! You went camping! That's awesome.

    Boy, you're sure getting big!


  12. Bear poop? We've never seen it. Next time perhaps you should beat your mommy to it. :)
    We love looking at your pictures. We really want to go camping soon.

    Sam & June

  13. Sierra Rose, well, little girl you sure are growing. You are losing that puppy fat of yours and beginning to look like a little dog! Our momma is a little sad because she was having so much fun watching you be a puppy but she knows that you have to grow. You're sure doing a great job, too☺

  14. I think we missed something here! OMG, is this our first visit to your blog, Sierra Rose? And you're angel Honey's sissy? Mom is starting to cry! How could we have missed all of this news?
    I guess we'd better wipe away those tears - we have a lot of catching up to do! You are just adorable!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. Sierra, you grew a lot on your vacation! It makes us so happy to see you enjoying kayak time with your family :)

  16. Sierra - you have the greatest adventures! I really like that kayak! My mommy's might be too small but I would love to know what kind you have!
    Big puppy smooches from Scout!

  17. What a wonderful camping holiday you had - just caught up with all your great photo's.
    And, you're growing up so but still look so cute.

    Love, pats & pets

  18. Hi Sierra I am Sasha. It looks like you had a lot of fun. My Mom thinks you are super cute.

    Come and visit me sometime

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  19. Woowowoooooowooooooo!!!!!
    What a great holiday you had at camping...
    And what a great and beautiful places you visited!!!
    Do you want to teach us camping???
    We would love to go with you and your humans!!!
    We loved your pictures on kayak!!!!
    you're sooooooooooo brave!!!
    We'll have fear if our mommy would take us on it!!!!!!
    maybe you could teach us kayaking also!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures!!
    we love you a lottttttttttttt!!!!
    HAve a great thursday!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks

  20. Wow! Camping, swimming, kayaking....You are one lucky pup!
    I look forward to following your adventures!

    Abbey - another Golden girl

  21. You look like you were having a awesome, or should that be pawsome?, time!



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