Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And a few weeks later......

There's dad. His name is Trip..from 'What a Long Strange Trip It's Been'. He has these amazing eyes! Loves to play ball, and is an all around good fella!

Mom, River ("A River Runs Through It") is in the front, dad behind. Mom's on the super slender side at the moment, after nursing us pups. But, she still is always up for some ball chasing! There are about 300 acres of Forest Service Land and the Feather River is nearby as well. Lucky!

Dad again. He get's pretty serious about the ball. But, he always let's mom have it if they are going for the same one. Dad even drops it for mom, if he gets it first!!! That's a nice dad!

We like to PILE UP!

There's my sis, Penny. My only sister. Isn't she cute!

Just relaxin' in new dad's arms.

That's Penny and me (on the left). Can you tell us apart?

In new mom's arms.


  1. Ohhh! So cuuute! Dad is incredibly handsome - love that he's into chasing balls, yet allows mom River to grab it first - that is just incredibly thoughtful! Great pictures!
    Hugs and Love xo

  2. Hi Sierra Rose! It's nice to meet you! You're sure a cute little puppy, and a sweet one, too! It was nice to see the pictures of you with your family - you sure have a pretty place to run!

    See ya!
    Joey and Zeke

  3. HI Sierra Rose! You are a cute little thing! It will be fun watching you grow up! Hugs Joey and Kealani

  4. Hi Sierra Rose, thx for visiting my blog. What a cute little puppy you are, it wasn't that long ago when I was as small as you, just last summer...hard to believe!!! What a beautiful place you live in, can't wait to follow you on all your adventures!!!


  5. I'm so happy to find another Golden blog! Welcome to the pack!

    I was looking over your photos and it amazes me how much Trip looks like Duncan. Even they way they stand!

    I've added you to my list of great Golden links, I hope you don't mind.

    We'll definitely be back soon!

    Curt (and Duncan)

  6. who took Penny???? is she on a bloggy??

    Bell girl

  7. Hi Sierra Rose!
    It's good to stumble into your site. You have such wonderful photos and you are such n adorable pup! We'd love to see you grow as we invite you to see our world too. Thanks!


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