Monday, June 29, 2009

Practicing for the big world.....

Hi there....well, I have been enjoying your sites and photos at the park, on hikes, at doggie parties...just havin' a lot of outdoor fun!

I know I have more time to go before I can get out there and really EXPLORE! But, thought I would just show what I have been doing to keep busy....... I will be out and about more, come August.

Helpling with the new piece of carpet....still working on that backpack remodel for dad.... I seem to be outgrowing my bed! Next size please!

Got lots of squeezy toys....this one has a squeaker, and can go in the water....I have a little inflated pool out back....still getting used to looks like an awfully big water dish!

Really like that chair...the one with the teeth marks....don't think they are all mine, but definitely a good snaggle-tooth chew.

Well bloggy friends...please keep me posted on what you are up to, as I enjoy all of your adventures!
Sierra Rose


  1. Woowowoooooo!!!!
    What a great post sweet Sierra!!!!
    We love your look soooooooooooooo funny and cute!!!!
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!We think you really need another're growing sooooo fast!!!!
    And you love chew chairs??? are like us....Paco loves a lot chew mommy's chair!!!!
    Your flowering collar is very beautiful and you look very cool with it....a perfect summer lady!!!!
    Can we play with you and your squeezy toys???
    sure we'll have funny time togheter!!
    Have a wonderful week dear Sierra!!!
    We send you lots of love and kisses and sweet cuddles!!!
    We love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  2. Sierra you are just too, too cute. I love the way you play, grow up and sleep -(in other words - love you from A - Z!). Love you chewing on the chair leg and a bit worried about the backpack revamp, but all in all, you are one pawsome pup!
    Hugs and Love xo

  3. For a little gal you sure have been busy. We sure hope you are keeping up with your naps because growing babies need lots of them. We just bet that if you asked really nice, your momma or dadda would take one with you! All we have to do is look tired and our momma grabs a pillow and blanket☺

  4. You will have lots of fun out in the big world, sweet Sierra, but be patient, your time will come. We had a nice walk tonight with Mom, not too hot and not humid at all. It was good to get out for some good sniffs, but we still miss our sister.

    Woos, the OP Pack

    Pee Ess, we have chairs that look like that too from when we were pups too.

  5. My mom shared your blog with my Auntie Di! We told woo we would...she says woo are soooo khute and make her miss HER Sierra - ALSO a Golden Smooch!

    My adventures inkhlude my walks, my yard, and my Wubba time!

    Enjoy your puppy license!


  6. Hey Sierra - that is some pawsome chewing you're doing on that chair! Keep up the good work!

  7. Teehee! You DEFINITELY need the next size up (or possibly the next-but-one size up) dog bed!

    Great pictures!!!

  8. You are sure keeping busy little Sierra. Just wait for what comes next!

  9. Yes it might be wise so stay in for a while since you are still so young.

  10. Hi Sierra Rose,
    We have a chair in our kitchen that looks just like that! Ours was a result of boredom though, not puppy teething. You are just adorable. We think you are going to need a much bigger bed :)

    Emma Rose

  11. Sierra Rose you are getting so big!!! We still have teeth marks on our coffee tables from Sophie when she was a pup. Although they are aggrevating, it's always a reminder of her silly puppy antics! Great photos!

  12. Hi Sierra,
    You will be out in the Big (Not) Bad World before you know it!
    Your pal,

  13. Oh Sierra, you are just too cute and you are growing so fast, definitely need a new bed!!!
    I love all your photos, have a wonderful and adventurous week!!!


  14. Sierra Rose,

    You are just the cutest little thing. You remind me of how Lexi looked several weeks ago. Now she weighs 30 lbs. Lexi has a pool but will only put her face in it. I guess it takes time. Have a fun day.
    ~Lexi's Mom~

  15. Sierra - am I seeing right? Do you have your own little tents? Ooooh I wanna sleeps wiffs you in the tents.. I wuv cuddling and sleeping and stuffs.. and WOW you're a lucky pup chewing on the chair.. Did Honey make the previous marks? Just asking... I think it's great I'd love to chew on your chair too.. DO YOU SHARE YET??


  16. Heya SR,
    You're gonna need a bigger bed and a bigger tent. The needle teeth marks are heirlooms to be cherished; they are your historical mark on the family furniture. In all likelihood, someone before you left their mark on that very same chair.
    - TBH&K


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