Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend photos....

Hi there!! Dad gave me a red horsie...lots of places to chew...but, ya know, mom's pants and legs are pretty good places to bit at right now too!!! Mom, you wanted shorts, right?
At my birth mom and dad's property in Maybe, CA

Birth mom and I had a little tuggle! She was just kissing, not biting.

I got a secret for ya mom.....

These are pretty good teeth grinders too!

There's one of my brothers!

There's more of the little guys, and Penny too! A few of the fellas are still looking for homes.....

Hooman dad likes me to practice yoga!! Dad! I'm not THAT flexible!
With hooman mom....she couldn't take her glasses off, because my sharp little teeth kept heading her way.

The little fellas again.


  1. hi sierra!

    i found your blog thanks to our friend sedona's blog, and just like her, i think it's GREAT that we are three retriever girls whose first names all start with the letter s!
    looking forward to getting to know you, and to follow you as you grow!


  2. How how cuuuutte Sierra and her bros. are! Can't wait to meet you kiddo! Your ma looks gorgeous too! I'm so excited!
    Hugs xo

  3. Sierra, you and your littermates are too cute for words! How nice you can visit them nearby...mine parents are 2 hours away :-(
    Your pal,

  4. Look like you come from good stock, Sierra Rose! What cute the Mom and the brothers and sisters you have!

    You are so lucky to have new pants and legs and (my personal favorite) horsey to chew on!!! I can't wait to read how your wonderful life is gonna unfold! It gonna be fun!

    wif love from the Luke

  5. yAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I'm so happies you founds such a good mama and dada you're going to have soo much funs...
    Your brothers and sisters are super cute.. and I like your dogmom and dads names.
    I never heard of MAYBE, CALIFORNIA. I live in Sandy Eggo.. woo should come visit sometime I'll show you the hot spots..

    Bell & Her Mama


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