Sunday, December 13, 2009

A few weekend images...and thinking about missed pals...

Hope you are having a nice weekend! Not much to report...quite dreary weather around here, but nothing like the big storm and blizzard predicted.... Dad headed out on his first trip to the snow this season, and mom and I decided to hang back, thinking that the big predicted blizzard was on its never really materialized. And, dad reported nice snow, low wind... Oh well, next time. Anyway...always game to tag along with mom, we headed out on some errands... Looking towards the Marin Headlands, SF Bay...3pm..storm light...flash on...
Watching the storm off in the distance and a lone cargo ship coming in...
We were checking out an old bunker just over the bridge on the SF side.
Some errands near the piers....there is actually someone swimming out there! Bright pink swim cap and all...
Mom had recently shared with Gus, Louie and Callie of Three Happy Heeler's, that visiting their site always reminds her of two of her dearest friends, rescued heeler, Boomerang, and his mom, Lynn. Lynn, with 'Boom' moved from our area to New Zealand a few years back.... Boomerang, a most wonderful buddy, accompanied Lynn and my mom on numerous camping and climbing trips and lots of local hikes. Boomerang is one of the smartest and most loyal pups mom knows. And, amazing eyes, one blue and one brown! Below, Boomerang sits on the deck at his new home...watching his mom closely as always...waiting for that next adventure....
My mom actually visited Boom, Lynn and their fabulous new location in 2006....the Marlborough Sounds, South Island, New Zealand.... An amazing place!As Boom's mom Lynn, then worked at the Bay Of Many Coves Resort, Boomerang had a most amazing area to explore, swim, hike and play in every day! And, views views views!!
A photo while hiking along the Queen Charlotte Track with Lynnie and Boomerang...
Missing her friends dearly, mom hopes to visit again, as they are now living on the North Island! (She'd better take me along, right!?) Below...while still living here...Boom and (mom and dad's - now over the Rainbow Bridge) Golden Honey!
We will end here....and just say that this is a first holiday season for ME, and the first one (in 14 years) without mom and dad's Golden Honey. Remembering Honey every day and also sending our holiday wishes to Lynnie, Boom and all of our pals!


  1. Those first two photos of Sierra Rose are amazing! She's so beautiful. You should frame at least one of them.

    I like seeing the photo of Golden Honey. We know how you feel. We're having our first Christmas without our yellow lab, S. Golden Honey and S are watching over all of us.

  2. For too many of us this year, it will be the first Christmas without one of our beloved furbabies. But we know that you will do your best to make Mom and Dad feel good about this Christmas. We are sure going to try to do that here. Honey sure was a beauty.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  3. What beautiful puppies!
    New Zealand is somewhere I've always wanted to visit!

    Sorry to hear about Golden Honey, but I'm glad you've got your memories!

  4. Totally in agreement with KB!! Wowzers - gorgeous photo of Sierra Rose. Love the Bay storm pix - tried to biggify to see the pink bathing cap, but couldn't see swimmer! And love your story and pix of Boom, Lynn and New Zealand - such a great dog and a beautiful place. Oh how we will miss dear Honey too this Christmas. We know her spirit is all around us - always. Beautiful post.
    Big Hugs and Love xo

  5. Hi, Sierra Rose!
    Sorry your Dad did not get all the snow he wanted!
    Yes, all your pictures are pawesome!
    I wish your mom can visit her friends soon again!
    I know your mom and dad keep beautiful memories of Golden Honey in their hearts!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Siewwa Wose
    Those pictoowes of you awe just gowgeous!!!
    It's cewtainly the time to wemembew all ouw loved ones hewe and ovew the bwidge..sometimes it huwts, but the memowies awe so special and they stay in ouw heawts fuwwevew. I hope this will be a vewy special Chwissmuss fow you. I know you will make it so fow youw pawents.
    I loved weading about youw Mommi's twip and hew fwiends, and seeing all those pawsome pictoowes
    smoochie kisses,ASTA
    pee do you do the bootiful snowfall on youw bloggie??

  7. I love the first picture of you Sierra Rose. I can't believe how grown up you look already. Tell your Mom we hope she gets to go visit her friend sometime soon. Christmas time is always harder when our friends and loved ones are far away. That's where you come in! You can make this the best Christmas ever for your Mom and Dad, just by being you.

    We love you!
    Emma Rose and The Duchess

  8. Christmas is a good time to remember those who aren't with us anymore, whether because they moved to Middle-Earth or because they went over the Rainbow Bridge. Great tribute, Sierra Rose.

  9. Holidays are a time to remember those before us - a great tribute.

  10. What a sweet post - the first picture is absolutely fabulous. We pause today to remember our Grandpa - it would have been his 92 birthday but he's walking with Honey today.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  11. What a lovely post. We love your photos and they are so pretty set against your background with the gentle snowflakes.

    We hope you enjoy your first holiday season, Sierra Rose. And we'll imagine Honey with Molly and all the other furries that are waiting for us. We'll have a special family moment when we stop to think quietly and sweetly about all of them.

    Happy Holidays.
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  12. Those are two gorgeous photos. I know you will carry the amazing memories of Honey in your heart this Christmas while little Sierra creates so many happy new ones!

  13. Why was that pink capped peoples swimming? It looks cold, even for me!

    It's your first Christmas? I'm sure Santa will bring you lots and lots and lots of awesome pressies and foods and stuff. Christmas rocks!

  14. Sierra, those are great pictures! You are getting so big!
    We didn't know Golden Honey for long but we think of her from time to time. Please give your pawrents a big hug as they remember the holiday memories with Honey.

    Sam & June

  15. Another week of amazing pictures from you, Sierra Rose! We love visiting you because you certainly have a good eye! Boomerang is a great looking dog, thank you for sharing. Mom has invited you to something. Please stop by.


  16. Ya we are so happy you shared Boom with us. He is a handsome one.. Looks like he does have a lovely place to live now.. Thanks for sharing...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  17. Now Mom knows why the AGJ she loves from Marlborough taste so good!

    So beaWOOOtiful!

    Tank woo fur sharing your special furiends!

    Please ask Honey to welkhome my SibeSta Kyrye tonight - Kyrye knew Merdie so she would like to meet some more GReat pals!


  18. Hi Sierra,
    I'm enjoying my first holiday season, too, and have earned some brownie points for not having touched the Christmas tree (yet!).
    I'm glad your family has you there to help them through their first Christmas without Honey.
    That was cool to meet your furiend Boomerang! What a lucky pup to live in beeyootifull NZ.
    Your pal,

  19. It looks like you have some very special friends in beautiful places :)

    I'm so sorry you are missing your sweet Honey. That is such a big change after so many years with your precious girl. We are thinking about you!

  20. SR, You are growing up so fast (slow down a little)...You're losing your puppy look and are turning into a beautiful young lady doggie!
    Hugs and belly rubs,

  21. Die Fotos werden ja immer schöner. Da bekommt man richtig Hunde Fernweh :-) Lass Dich lieb grüßen. Deine Betty

  22. Sound like great fun! Happy Holidays!

  23. Sierra, Honey will be there with all of you this Christmas. Just cuddle close to momma and dadda and listen to their hearts beating. That is where Honey lives now - in the hearts of those she loved and who loved her...

  24. What a great and beautiful post. Gorgeous photos and terrific memories. Sierra, give your Mom and Dad some extra puppy kisses this Christmas because they are gonna need them. How special for you to celebrate your first Christmas with a wonderful family that loves you so much!

  25. Hurro Sierra Rose, thanks for coming over to say hi. You is a very pretty pup and thanks for sharing your Mom's memories with us.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  26. What wonderful memories you have of old friends!

    Sam and Cisco

  27. We remember Golden Honey. It was really sad when she left. Your folks must be really happy to have you around to make them smile more often. Good to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.


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