Friday, March 12, 2010

More rain....more training....repeat!

Rainy again! I'm ok with the rain....let's GO!
Through all weather conditions, our friends are out practicing for a variety of competitions. Sammie and her mom, with Sue, working through the Figure 8.
Sammie (a little blurry) finishing her dumbell retrieve. Getting better and better Sammie!
Shanti below. "Ready?" Great watching for the next move.
We also made a training trip earlier this week to the fantastic Oakland Dog Training Club. As we are quite new at this, mom and I are working on some basics....our other pals have pretty high level competitions coming up... We are really proud of them!
Bonnie B. below...amazing competitor! Just look at her ears! "Bonnie B. are you ready?"
Sammie waiting for the 'go' signal....behind her, Moriz (on right, in a 5mn 'down') and me, observing.
Moriz....great work on the 5mn down... His mom is out of sight and he is very patient!
I was working on my 'Down' of sorts too. Snoozle position.
Next I needed to do some paw warmups.... Moriz wasn't really into it.
Mom and I receiving instructions.... Below, just practicing nice walking, me not scrambling ahead to check things out.. We're strollin'.
Back inside....more tips, suggestions....all good! I was just wondering if mom had more cookies...
"Let's go!" Doing good now!
We'll keep working on all of this! We quite enjoy learning obedience, and creating a bigger bond, mom and I. We'll be looking in to some Good Citizen certificates, and perhaps fun matches!
Have a nice weekend friends!! We've got the rain again for today...


  1. Wow you and Sammie both are doing good! Good luck with your Good Citizen certificates! We know you will pass with flying colors!

    Sam & June

  2. Great pictures! Looks like you're paying such good attention. You're right...the more work you do together with your person, the better your bond. Especially when doggie treats are involved...! :-) Good luck on the CGC!

    Well done girls!!!!!!!
    You and Sammie look great doing all those excercises!!!!!!!
    we think we'll be soo bored doing that!!!
    But we aren't such a good students like you!!!!!
    Good luck with your Good Citizen certificates....we bet you'll be great!!!!
    Have a wonderful day Sierra Rose!!!!
    WE LOVE YOU And your mommy a lot!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks!!!!

  4. You're doing great! We'd probably stage a riot or something... since basically that's what our great sisters did at obedience school. Ha roo roo roo!
    Is your friend Moriz a Corgi? My mom goes ga-ga over those guys.
    Good luck with you CGC!!!
    Play bows,

  5. I'd like Cabana to do the Canine Good Citizen test someday, too! But I think we still have some work and maturing to do....Sierra, you're doing a great job. How exciting to get all that training. We need to get us some of that soon!

  6. I'm so furry jealous of woo!

    My down stay would be MAYBE 5.67 sekhonds!

    Thanks fur sharing these GReat pikhs along with telling about your funtimes!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  7. Our Frankie will be tested for her good citizen thingy soon. If she can do it, I bet you sure can. You can do so much more already!

  8. Sierra, You are so attentive when you heel or whenever your mom is around. I must say that you have the best down-stay that I've ever seen. What a smart move - go to sleep during the boring parts!

    Rain down low is snow up high! I hope that you get to go visit it soon!

  9. Good job! Classes are fun because there are cookies involved :) I am learning to herd sheep, but I am not very good yet. I need to learn to pay attention to my Duchess more :)

    Emma Rose

  10. Good Job Sierra Rose! Isn't training so much fun! As for the rain, I'm not as fond or tolerable as you seem to be but my Mom likes it. :)


  11. OOOHHHH!!! I love wet puppy dog face!!!!

  12. That focusing on mom can really wear you out. But it is so worth it because the humans use their happy voices a ton and give you treats. But 5 minute down stay? Very advanced.


  13. We LOVE your paw warm ups Sierra - adorable :) You are such a good girl with all your training. It's nice you get to spend that time with your Mom :)

  14. Looks like you're doing great! Keep up the good work.

  15. Wow, you're great and doing it in the rain too! I hate getting wet!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  16. It won't be long now and Mom will be starting Ciara with some training. We love watching you and Samantha doing your stuff. We have rain here too, we want sunshine.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. Hey Siera rose,
    You're doing GReat. Jubal and J.E.B. have their CGC certificates but none of the rest of us do. Dad said he couldn't endure, or afford taking all of the other 8 of us, especially the Newfs. You and Samantha and your other friends are GReat competitors and we are proud of you.
    - TBH&K

  18. I would take your paw anyday - tell Moriz he should appreciate you. As for the Caninie Good Citizen test - hmmpff not sure if I failed it twice or momma of luck.

  19. Hi Sierra, we are sorry about your rain but hopefully the sun will come out soon.
    We loved seeing you and your mom at the training.
    You both have to concentrate very hard - we wondered if your mom got treats too!
    We are very proud of your great progess - after all you are still just a pup!
    Well done
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  20. Wow, that is great loose leash walking -- way to go Sierra and Mom! Ruby is needing to go back to kindergarten for that one these days! :)

  21. Good job, Sierra! I used to love my training sessions when I was a young pup. Mum still has me practice a few things to keep me sharp. It's fun.

  22. Sierra, my, my, my - what a smart and pretty girl you are growing up to be. We just bet that you will get an A+ for all of your obedience studying with your momma. BTW, will your momma get an A+☺

  23. Hi, Sierra Rose!
    I can see the rain does not bother you! Yes!
    Sure you had a great training time there!
    You and Sammie are soooooo good!
    Kisses and hugs

  24. Ohhhhh! Finally found this! What a great post of rain as well as Barbara training! You are SUCH the good dog, Sierra - and such GREAT attention! I can't crane my head up like you - you'll be doing "OPEN" any day now - the CGC will breeze by! We sure have strange peeps who make us do this in the rain no less! But you do look pawsome with your wet mug! And your pawing Moritz was a great move! They should have "pawing" as an event in Novice heheh! See you furry soon!
    Hugs xo

  25. Looks like you're keeping busy and doing well.


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