Thursday, March 25, 2010

What a day!!!

Golden Samantha resting her head this morning before a very special event.
Below is mom's first photo as we rode towards the Solano County Fairgrounds with our good friends, Golden Samantha and her mom. Sammie had an important competition today with the Santa Cruz Kennel Club. And, mom and I had never been to a dog show before! In the back...I was ready to PLAY...and mom in her I-worked-kinda-late last night disguise on...
Sammie had an entire set up that we wheeled in.... crates, snacks, chairs, water...
Mom and I cruised around, wow'ed and amazed at this venue, while Sammie and her mom did a little practice before her 4 minute Novice A course.

Lots and lots to look at.
Grooming and more grooming....many elaborate stations...

Some pretty major RV setups too, with big doggie areas. I think I scared all of these pals back into their RV.....(no, not really). They're back there.

And, more grooming... How do these pals stand still for SOOOOO LONG!? Very patient.
Beds, bunks, carpets...outdoor rooms.
Double decker on wheels! This hall was our 'basecamp'. Lots of classes competing. Quite serious. And, I have to say, I did really well at just observing and not flying around to socialize.
Sammie's mom had on the Sammie crew attire....thanks to pals Paco, Milo and Maya.... And, please go visit Paco, he needs some well wishes.
In another building there were other competition categories.... We peeked in.

Artsy pals too.

Oh yeah...had to stop here and put on my 'pretty please' face....stood there for a while...

And.....look at all these stuffies! Back in Sammie's competition hall...still being nice and observing.... this point, my mom became a 'paparazzi' for the competition using Sammie's mom's camera..... Darn, no photos here, but definitely will be seeing them at
Even got to spend some time in Sammie's 'green room' while she was in competition. Fantastic!
Well!!!!! As you will see on Golden Samantha's site, she PLACED SECOND in her Novice A category, thus earning her CD.... Way to go Sammie!! Bravo pal!!
Gathered round in celebration.
Lots of smiles and good times. And, still more to see!
Goldens waiting for their show dog competition.
And, more competitors in the ring. Wow! Hi ya!
Below, hanging out with the gal that came in 1st place in the Novice A round. What a sweetie!
More to see and shop.....beaded eggs!By early afternoon, we were pooped, but so glad we came along! Perhaps I'll be in the ring someday...looked like fun.
A tired, yet happy, Sammie relaxing on our drive home. Ahhhhhh.
See you again soon friends..... And, ps. go see Golden Samantha there is a nice post about her competition!


  1. Wow, what a fun day you had, Sierra! We bet that if you enter one day you'll do great too. ;-)

  2. Soooo cool! I love seeing those nicely groomed Goldens. And especially the last shot of Sierra - adorable :)

  3. What a wonderful and fun day you had--So much to see and do!! I also love the last picture of Sierra!!!

  4. Wow, so much to see, so much to do, you had a very big day. Congrats to Sammy from us - we just knew she could do it. We bet she was thrilled to have you there to support her.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Hi Sierra Rose,

    This was one of the best posts ever! We really liked it! And look at all those Remingtons!

    Glad you had such a great time!

    Riley and Star.

  6. Hi, Sierra Rose!
    I know you had a pawesome time there!
    My mom likes a lot those beaded eggs!
    Doggie friends, stuffies, treats! Wow!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Thanks for sharing! We don't have as many of these big shows as we used to, I kind of miss them!


  8. Congratulations to both you and your mom! Second is very very good for your first time!

  9. What great pikhs from a pawesome day!

    Woo saw lots of khool pups and stuffs!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    PeeEssWoo: That was a furry khool needlepointed egg khollekhtion - one of them khaught my eye!

  10. Aren't dog shows the most fun???

    Wrooo wrooo,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  11. Wow, awesome pictures! What a fun day.

  12. There is so much going on at those doggie shows. No wonder you are exhausted.

    Yuck. All that grooming. That is one of the problems with being a show off dog. You have to stay clean!


  13. that Was fun! thanks for sharing and 'taking' us along for the visit!

    mumster likes the beaded eggs esp the chi one and we see Khyra's face on those eggs too.....ooooh and so many other furiends' faces bol!!!


  14. Oh Sierra and Ma - we are BACK!!! And absolutely ADORE this post! Some confusions about which dog is Sierra and who Sammie I see!!!??? But we know winkwink twinkle! Really super shots - what an eye - thinks you should be a dog show photog/writer - you are too funny. But more seriously - a zillion thanks for all your super help - Sierra: you were pawesome as always and your Mom's organizational camp skills really helped keep us together - what a mom you have, dear girl!
    Big Hugs xoxoxoxoxoxo

  15. Woof! Woof! How Sweet that you watched Sammie's competition. Isn't neat to see all the stuffs around but it can be exhausting. Will check out Sammie's blog later. Have a great weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  16. What a wonderful and egg-citing day you had! So cool about Sammie's win. We will trot over there to congratulate her! As always, you are such a furry good rePURRter!

  17. That is super exciting! So much to look at, other dogs to sniff, stuff to buy. Congrats to Sammie on her 2nd place, too!

  18. Wow, that was such a great day. That RV with the dog fence set up was cool - they're stylin fur sure! Oh Sierra, when you get in there you will do great. Everyone did look really serious. I bet all were tired on the way home. Happy weekend to you and yours.

  19. Looks like you all had a terrific time!! We love the shows!!

    Happy Weekend!
    Woofs and Kisses!

  20. What a day indeed!!! So much fun you and Sammie had! And of course, congrats to Sammie for making second place. Glad you and your mom got to go with Sammie and her mom.

    Sam & June

  21. Hi Sierra, we will have to check out Sammie's blog (falling behind again!).
    The girl did very well! Just loved that T shirt from Paco, Milo and Mayo.
    You were a very good girl to behave so well at such an exciting event.
    We would not have been happy with all those doggies and things happening - it is good that are being so well socialised whilst you are young!
    We are glad you all had such a fun and successful trip.
    Weren't those beaded eggs cool!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  22. It looks like you had a fantastic day - just don't let your Mom get ideas about grooming - that's what happens whenever our Mom goes ot a show.

    The Rocky Creek Scotties

  23. What fun!! It is so nice to see 2 bloggie pals that are real life pals too!!

    Congrats to Sammie on placing 2nd place!!


  24. Looks like a great time! Also, I agree with the one pic....Drool is cool!

  25. What a day! But, my favorite photo of them all is the last one, with Sammie sacked out after her big accomplishment!

  26. What a fantastic time you had. I was most impressed by the RV set ups for some reason. Thank you so much for the many photos!

  27. What a fun day you had. So much to see and do. We thought the RV's were cool. We can't wait to go camping, but we don't have a set up like those! :) Glad you had a great time.

    Emma Rose

  28. That looked like one fun day to us, Sierra Rose! So many new friends to see and meet!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  29. Be sure to stop by our bloggie. We've given you an award!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  30. what an eventful day you guys had :) thanks for sharing.

    Have a pawsome weekend.

    wet licks

  31. What a fantastic day Sierra Rose! That last pic of you is priceless:)

  32. Love this blog! Check out my blog about my adventures with my black lab named Sage.

  33. BowWowzer Sierra, that was an exciting post!! They won't allow us pooches in at the dog shows around here. They say "NO DOGS ALLOWED" at a dog show!! Can ya imagine? I guess us regular pooches are too unpredictable.

    Hey, made a link to your bloggie today on our post. Hope you have a great week ahead.
    BabyRD and Hootie

  34. This is one eventful and FUN FUN FUN post ^_^ fank you for posting and sharing wid us. We felt that we were there with you

    Guess what? We tagged you to play a game with us ^_^ please stop by our bloggie to learn more about it *wet licks*


  35. Hi Sierra...I just tried to leave you a comment but I think I did something wrong with my computer & it didn't go thru...oops!! Anyway...we love your blog so much & wanted to pass along to you a couple of awards we recently received. Check it out @ Alfie's World & enjoy!

  36. WOW! What fun! That is so neat you got to hang out with your pal and at such a COOL place! Those beaded eggs looked very neat and the shirt from Paco, Milo, & Maya is pretty special!


  37. We loved the RV set ups. We went to the Siberian Husky show last year and stayed in our S-RV. So many dogs to make friends with!


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