Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What a day!!!

Golden Samantha resting her head this morning before a very special event.
Below is mom's first photo as we rode towards the Solano County Fairgrounds with our good friends, Golden Samantha and her mom. Sammie had an important competition today with the Santa Cruz Kennel Club. And, mom and I had never been to a dog show before! In the back...I was ready to PLAY...and mom in her I-worked-kinda-late last night disguise on...
Sammie had an entire set up that we wheeled in.... crates, snacks, chairs, water...
Mom and I cruised around, wow'ed and amazed at this venue, while Sammie and her mom did a little practice before her 4 minute Novice A course.

Lots and lots to look at.
Grooming and more grooming....many elaborate stations...

Some pretty major RV setups too, with big doggie areas. I think I scared all of these pals back into their RV.....(no, not really). They're back there.

And, more grooming... How do these pals stand still for SOOOOO LONG!? Very patient.
Beds, bunks, carpets...outdoor rooms.
Double decker on wheels! This hall was our 'basecamp'. Lots of classes competing. Quite serious. And, I have to say, I did really well at just observing and not flying around to socialize.
Sammie's mom had on the Sammie crew attire....thanks to pals Paco, Milo and Maya.... And, please go visit Paco, he needs some well wishes.
In another building there were other competition categories.... We peeked in.

Artsy pals too.

Oh yeah...had to stop here and put on my 'pretty please' face....stood there for a while...

And.....look at all these stuffies! Back in Sammie's competition hall...still being nice and observing.... And....at this point, my mom became a 'paparazzi' for the competition using Sammie's mom's camera..... Darn, no photos here, but definitely will be seeing them at http://www.sammiegolden.blogspot.com/
Even got to spend some time in Sammie's 'green room' while she was in competition. Fantastic!
Well!!!!! As you will see on Golden Samantha's site, she PLACED SECOND in her Novice A category, thus earning her CD.... Way to go Sammie!! Bravo pal!!
Gathered round in celebration.
Lots of smiles and good times. And, still more to see!
Goldens waiting for their show dog competition.
And, more competitors in the ring. Wow! Hi ya!
Below, hanging out with the gal that came in 1st place in the Novice A round. What a sweetie!
More to see and shop.....beaded eggs!By early afternoon, we were pooped, but so glad we came along! Perhaps I'll be in the ring someday...looked like fun.
A tired, yet happy, Sammie relaxing on our drive home. Ahhhhhh.
See you again soon friends..... And, ps. go see Golden Samantha there is a nice post about her competition!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wanna play!?

Wow!! Wow!! This past Sunday, arriving home from the weekend we saw a box...usually they are for dad...but this one was for ME!! Yeaooo!! From....Paw It Forward pal, FIONA at her site: Another Tequila Sunrise Oh my gosh, Fiona and family...THANK YOU! www.lizski.blogspot.com Fiona had been Paw'd by Twix www.aweinerdogblog.blogspot.com and so now we are hoping to play Paw It Forward to three more pals! Will share the guidelines in a moment, but really excited to show my amazing box of presies!!!
Check this fella out! Nice an soft for my nibblers!! :)
Couldn't believe all the wonderful toys and snacks!!! Couldn't wait to test a few out...and we're saving a few for later too!
Aw! This 'monkey fist' rope ball is a blast....goes faster than me!
Got it! Then I go faster back to my favorite backyard spot. We're doing a bit of "landscaping" but first just trying to keep the weeds at bay...A SLOW project. But, still a nice place to play and hang out.
Snooter approval.
Oh yeah! Then this one! Never seen such a chewie before.
Got ya, and off I go!
Oh yeah!
I got one eye on mom....she was a bit too close...it's MINE!
Keep my new presies close!
Oh! And....off it goes!? Hmmmmmm...should I get it?
Thank you Fiona and family!!! Licking my chops after sampling a few of the treats! Yum.
Sooooo.... I would love to have 3 pals participate in Paw It Forward. Just comment that you would like to receive a box of goodies, and the first 3 will be a go. We know that many of you have participated before...but for those that haven't...we'll mail you a few presies, and you can Paw It Foward to three more...and so on. So...let's have a go!