Monday, September 7, 2009

Camping at Sardine Lakes!

Back to the mountains for the 3 day weekend....(well, got Friday off, and mom too...). Four days back up at Sardine Lakes (near my birth-home of Maybe, CA).
Checking out the lake in the evening....
A hike up to the upper Sardine Lake. Even MORE beautiful than the lower lake. The Sierra Buttes drop into Upper Sardine. And, in the winter, daring skiiers find shutes to ski down...not sure where they end up!?!?! This day, was a gusty day, but great for hiking around and exploring with a few friends that had joined us for the day. Me and mom here.

On our way to the lakes we stopped in Truckee, CA....lots of these signs around. I didn't see any snow and ice on the roof.....!!

Hiking the 4wd road to Upper Sardine Lake. That's lower Sardine Lake, and a bit of the Sierra Buttes in the background.

Looking down at Lower Sardine Lake...lots of paddlers, and a few boaters....quite a few folks fishing for trout.... But, no motors over 5mph...great for the kayak.


  1. Sierra, where you live takes our momma's breath away. She never knew that CA was so beautiful! No wonder so many people live there! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

  2. What a beautiful restful place. And a stunning puppy that is growing like a weed!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  3. Oh my!

    My snooter is twitching and Mom is making THAT face of 'oh my!'

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  4. Hi Sierra Rose!!! What beautiful pics, you are one lucky pup!!!! Hope your having a pawsome time!!!

    lotsa licks,

  5. Hi Sierra! Welcome home from your great trip! So jealous of all those cool places your 'rents take you hehee! Hope we can have some adventures up there together! That could spell trouble heheh!
    Beautiful there!
    Huge Hugs xo

  6. Wow What fun!!! You are going to be a very well rounded pup!

  7. Oh my - what amazing pictures! We loved them. We especially liked your snuggling with your mom.
    loved and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  8. Wow Sierra, what a lovely place Sardine Lake is!! really, really do look JUST LIKE Uncle Cowboy Puppy...but much more feminine I am sure...:-)


  9. What a gorgeous place!!!! No wonder you had such a great time.

  10. OMD! That is one big can of sardines and soooo bootyful!

    Where's California??? Me and Star are think'n about run'in away from home and move to there. We luv sardines!

    Bye Lucky Sierra Rose,

    Riley and Star.

  11. Hi Sierra Rose,
    Your Mom and Dad take some great trips. The pictures are beautiful. Who knew that a place called Sardine could be so pretty?

    Emma Rose


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