Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Thank you (from last week!!!) to A Doggie Life http://rachelsdoggielife.blogspot.com/ for this really neat award!!! Great design!

And, I would like to amend my Opps! I ate it award to add (gulp! Grrrr! Oh my!) a piece of a mushroom bloom! I am ok. Mom was able to rush me to my vet, where I stayed for a while to vomit, and ingest charcoal (looking forward to my lovely black poops!)....I am currently VERY mellow...just hanging out with mom in the kitchen in my cuddly camping tent..
Just wanted to say THANKS to all of you for being my Pals!!!!! Be careful out there, but have some fun!


  1. Oh Sierra Rose!

    I think Sammie is a bad influence on woo!

    Please don't skhare your pawrents like that!

    PeeEssWoo: I was thinking Blogger ate my khomment!

  2. Sierra, we know that everything is furry tempting to nibble on and to explore but there are times when momma knows best and I bet she knew best today! We are sorry that you had to go to the dog-tor and have yucky stuff put into your tummy but it had to be done because you put yucky stuff into your tummy☺

  3. Oh my dear puppyPuPpyPUPPY - I hope you don't start following in my foodables footsteps - it's a terrible burden to have the need to investigate all the scrumptious things lying around in wait to lead us into temptations. Luvs you so much xo

  4. Pee Ess: Humongous congrats on your great award!
    xo Sammie

  5. Oh Sierra, so glad you're going to be ok...
    Smart mom to know what you had eaten...
    hugs and rubs

  6. Heehee. Love the 'bouldering' picture! You are quite the athlete! (But stay away from the 'shrooms, okay?)

    *kissey face*

  7. Sierra...be careful NOT to scare your Mama...they are very fragile...;-)


    Congrats on your wonderful award sweet Sierra!!!!
    You deserve it!!!!
    You and your blog are very very very pawsome!!!
    You eaten mushroom???
    Poor baby!!!!
    Thanks god and to your mommy everything is went well!!!!
    HAve wonderful time hanging out with your mommy!!!!
    Tons of love and kisses

  9. Oh help - we didn't know you had eaten nasty mushrooms!!
    We must have missed a post and blame our mum who says she has to go to work some of the time - why?
    Thank dogness you are ok - now listen carefully Sierra Rose - you must not eat things you find outside cos they could make you sick........
    love you lots
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  10. PS we forgot to say congratulations on your Award - very unusual!

  11. Oh Sierra Rose, please don't scare your mommy like that. You know those humans are very fragile and vulnerable. We are glad that you are ok now.
    Take it from us, go for human's food like your pawrents dinner or cookies or cakes.

    Kissy face,
    Sam & June

  12. Sierra, that's scary! I'm glad your humans saw you do it, otherwise you could've gotten very sick, right? No more fungi for you!
    Your pal,

  13. Oh Sierra Rose, we may have to keep you away from Samantha - just kidding - but do be careful what you eat. Good thing Mommy saw what you did and got you better so quickly. We still love you, cutie.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  14. Hi sweetie!!! Be careful what youre eating!!!! We love you! Hugs Joey and Kealani

  15. Oh Sierra, watch out for those shrooms! I was one very sick puppy after eating some a few years ago.

  16. Thank goodness you're okay, Sierra Rose! Mitch has snagged mushrooms before but he spits them out before he swallows them! We hope your tummy feels better very soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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