Monday, September 28, 2009

Rumors of an unopened gift!

This morning, I reminded mom that we should make a visit to Golden Samantha, as we had heard of an unopened gift over there....something about Happy Hearts.....mmmm
And, gosh, it seemed like it had been a long time since we had played together, and that I was long overdue for a toy-squeeker- testing of all the fuzzies in Sammie's toy basket! Off we was great to visit!
With a bit of light nudging, we encouraged Sammie's mom to bring the box out. The box had 'FRAGILE' all over it...and smelled pretty gosh darn good! Go Sammie!
I took a break from squeeker testing to sniff things out....
Breakthrough! Sammie could smell all those delicious aromas....
The box was FILLED with treats galore from Gerri Duquette of HAPPY HEARTS!!!!!!!
What a really nice gift! All shapes and different sniffs.... Let me have a look, Sammie!
I will just open the box a bit more, ok?
Just the right size for Sammie's head!
I kept myself busy and let Sammie investigate....had a few more things to chew, squeek, and snaggle.
Get it! Football squeeker!
But, couldn't help going back over to see more of the box contents. Lovely Happy Hearts!
Yes! Was able to wrangle myself some of the inner wrapping. Love this stuff....shreds nicely....snaggle, snaggle, snaggle.... Wooweeeeeeee!!!! Can you believe what was in there! Lots of animal shapes, and cinnnamon, garlic....mmmmmm smells good!
Below is the nice note from the box that Sammie's mom was reading to us....I decided that it might taste good too! Oh! The most specialist cookie, a heart shape with 'Samantha' on it. That's really sweet!
Ok, well MY mom got involved...and good golly! Mom had to sample EVERY cookie flavor before us!!! And, we were sittin' really nicely (well, I was jumping really nicely too!) But gosh! MOM!
"""Mom's just teasing us....seeing how long we can sit NICELY! Sammie did a much better job at waiting.
"Hey! Sierra Rose! SIT DOWN!"
"""Look at this! What's up - MOM?!....... No lunch again? Gotta eat our yummzers cookies! Your're embarassing me!"""
"""Ok! If I need to come up there and get us our patiently deserved delicious HAPPY HEARTS that you decided are scrumtious to you too....well! Here I come!!!!""" We had a fun time sampling Happy Hearts! What a neat, and delicious gift. Sammie was really pleased, and oh so much more patient than I! Gotta love her sweet face!


  1. Aren't they THE BEST?!?

    We love our Happy Hearts!

    And I do mean WE! Mom eats them almost as often as I do!

    Tank woo fur sharing this with us!

    PeeEssWoo: Time fur a Happy Hearts or two!

  2. ooooh you lucky things....those happy hearts sure look soooooo yummy that i can practically taste them...


  3. Oh my, am I embarrassed for not having made this post way too long ago! Thank you Sierra for nudging me to acknowledge Gerri's unbelievable giftie of all these amazing treats! And did we ever love them! Thank you so much Gerri! We decided to do this as a duo post - mom's gonna try to post one of several very bad movies of the opening! Thanks for coming over and helping me, Sierra - so glad you like paper so much, cause I'm more inclined towards the cookies heheeh!
    Hugs xo,

  4. What wonderful pictures! There are some lucky puppies there! :)

    Jack has some cards just like the one you got! :)

  5. That looked like so much funs. It is so cool that the two of you can get together for playtime and lunch time, too!

  6. Yummy! Those toys look pretty fun also, but the cookies look really good.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  7. You just can't do any better than Happy Heart cookies - we love them and have a stock supply in the freezer - they are the BEST!!! Glad you got to have some fun with Sam and her toys and treats.

    Play bows, the OP Pack

  8. What fun surprises are... it looks like you had loads of fun.

  9. How many of your cookies did your mom eat?
    That's nice that you and Sammie got to play together.

    Sam & June

  10. What a fun day of Goldie friends and, my favorite, COOKIES!!!!


  11. Oh what a good present!! Yummy cookies and lots of paper!!!
    The perfect present for a puppy! It was nice that Sammie was there to help you with the parcel - what with her being a bit more mature and everything.
    We thought your mom was a bit mean trying to eat your cookies - we think you will have to put your paw down there Sierra Rose - she needs to get her own cookies!!!!
    You sure are growing up - we can see the difference since we have been away.
    lots of love
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  12. Hi Sierra,

    Wow, Heart cookies? You are so lucky! And it's not even Valentine's Day yet!

    Lucky Doggie!

    Riley and Star.

  13. Sierra, you get bigger and cuter every day. Looks like you and Sammie had fun. She looks so sweet waiting for her cookies. Wish we could play too.

    Tucker and Daisy

  14. We would be overly anxious to get those pretty and yummy-looking Happy Heart cookies into our mouths too, Sierra Rose!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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