Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sardine Lakes trip....

Classic painted brick wall, downtown Truckee, CA
With the welcome bear! He didn't scare me, no sir!

Dad rode a big mountain bike ride in Truckee. Stampede Reservoir. Always in need of a good chill out with ME after his rides.
Finding a good stickie on the trail.

Lower Sardine Lake. Boat rental, and really cool kayak.
About a mile hike up to Upper Sardine Lake...we did this a few times this trip. It's easy for me!

Upper Sardine. Lovely.

With a few friends that came to hang out on Saturday. There's our friend 'Sparky' up there (you may remember he visited us at Hume Lake. He seems to follow dad to our camping places when there are good road bike rides.)
Hanging out at Upper Sardine. James tying his shoe....off to bush-whack from Upper Sardine to an even higher trail.....he didn't suceed...but did have a good adventure, and swim.

Looking up towards the Sierra Buttes. A very calm wind, beautiful morning.
Hmmmmmmm.....what's out there?
River otters live in Lower Sardine Lake!! Dad called them 'water doggies', but I didn't get too close.
Until next time pals!


  1. Oh my!

    More pawesome pikhs of nature and the furry pretty WOO!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  2. Wow! What a GORGEOUS place!!! And it looks a lot cooler than Nebraska!

    *kissey face*

  3. WATER doggies....?????

    I don't know Sierra, they llook pretty scary to me too!!

    Beautiful Lake!!


  4. What a beautiful place..
    The river otter is so cool!
    We're glad you had fun!


    Nala & Robin

  5. You are so lucky, sierra Rose, you get to go to the most beautiful places. You look quite at ease on the kayak too. Love that last shot.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  6. Wow you sure are growin' up fast Sierra! Must be the beautiful scenery and fresh clean air you breathe.
    Be careful of those water doggies, they might not be as friendly as us domesticated types.
    Thanks for showin' me your fun trip!
    Chester ;0=)

  7. I have got to get back to Tahoe! Your postings make me homesick for a place I've spent many a vacation. Good news - dear friends have a house there...and they keep asking when I'm coming back - of course after every post of yours I ready to make those plane reservations!

    (Especially when I look out the window at my concrete canyon in Manhattan).

    Enjoy every moment!

  8. River Otters!!!! Oh my gosh how exciting to see. I bet you wanted to play with them :)
    My Duchess has been to Truckee - many, many years ago. Your photos are great Sierra Rose. You are so darn adorable!

    Emma Rose

  9. I wish I was there... it looks like so much fun!

  10. Those pictures are so pawsome! Can we come with next time?

    Sam & June

  11. OMG, what a fabulous time you had Sierra Rose! Mom and dad's nephew, Chris lives in Truckee and dad has been there once before but mom never has! What a beautiful spot!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Hello Sierra Rose

    You're so sweet ... thank you that you have visited me. I am now 5 months old and it pleases me how good you are. So much nature and opportunities for swimming. Let you go always good :-)

    Your Betty

  13. It looks like you had a great time!

  14. Hi Sierra Rose, great pics!!! Good job standing up to that bear!! BOL!!! The water looks beautiful, is it cold or warm?!?! Love the last pic!! Have a wonderful and safe time!!!

    lotsa licks,

  15. Sierra, our momma would have loved to see that little otter. Maybe it would have bit her in the face but she would have tried to kiss it☺

  16. Another great trip for you, Sierra! You sure are a lucky pup.
    I'm amazed you stay put in the canoe.
    Your pal,

  17. Love the photos. We want to join you on your mountain trek!
    Smooches, BRD & Hootie

  18. Hi Sierra Rose,
    What a great adventure you had there. Did you say water doggies?! So interesting. The photos are so beautiful too.

    - Fudgie, Princess, Scrappy, Bullet


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