Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend at the Art Bark Fest & Lake Tahoe

Let's play mom! Get this harness off me!

Still got the harness on mom! But, LOVE my new skarf.

Saturday morning in Lake Tahoe

Quiet on the lake

Lots of rocks to check out...pretty colors too

I'll just hang out here on this carpet, ok?

Mom! Let me play! I don't need you holding on ALL THE TIME....

Finally! Dad came along and let me GO play! Yipee.

Much more fun in the waves!

Got a good workout in Lake Tahoe!

What!? No doggies at this beautiful area, Sand Harbor. Darn!

Mom and I spent Saturday afternoon at the Squaw Valley Art Bark Fest with Golden Samantha and her mom and dad. We had a really fun time!!!

Keeping an eye on Sammie, while she goes far out there to retrieve her Kong. Go Sammie!!!

Lots of nice doggies and people at the Art Bark!

Sniff, sniff, sniff....
Sammie and I .... sitting patiently. And, sideways, for some reason!

More snacks? Wine? Hugs?

Just chillin' out!

Squaw Valley Resort has lots of great outdoor lounge areas.

Dad missed the fest on Saturday...on a long bike ride...so, we went back late Sunday to catch the tail end. Another good time!

Rock doggies! And, some sweet goldens. (They liked my skarf!)

THANKS for a fun weekend dad!


  1. Yeah, tanks Sierra's dad, we enjoyed it too. The pictures are grrreat and we luuuv your scarf!

    Riley and Star.

  2. Looks like you had fun at the Art Bark fest. Mom really liked those rock dogs. Does your mom know who makes them?


  3. I'm so jealous AGAIN!

    What fun!

    PeeEssWoo: And Mom wants some of the AGJ!

  4. Oh what a perfect day for you and your friends and family! Love the second picture of you with your ears so big!

    Elizabeth & luna

  5. ohmygosh! The second picture is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

    Love to see you're doing sooo fine and sooo happy, Sierra Rose!

  6. Gosh I LOVED your pictures! That looks like it was so much fun I wish we could go too. I'm glad you rescued that stick in the water. You are a good swimmer!

    Emma Rose

  7. your pics are pawsome...thanks for sharing as i've enjoyed 'being there with you'

    thanks again

  8. We love all of your pictures. What a beautiful young lady you are - we blogged about you today over on our blog.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  9. Great pics!!! Sierra, I love your ears and you look darling in your new scarf!!!
    Have a great day!!

    lotsa licks,

  10. So much fun for a young pup!!! Looks like you found a great stick in the water. And that art fest looks like a great place for peeps and pups alike.

    Woos,the OP Pack

  11. Hi Sierra!
    Wonderful vacation pictures! You truly had loads of fun and met with many friends. You and Sammie had a good swim as well.
    Love your scarf, too! Mommy should get me one. hmmm...


  12. Hi Sierra!!! What fun!!

    Uncle Puppy is doing well. Grandma needs to send Mama pictures!!! I will let Uncle Puppy know you are asking abut him!!


  13. Oh Sierra! So much fun I missed out on with you! Lovelovelove these pix and your enjoyment of all the fun there! Can't wait to see you soon sugarbunchies!
    Huggers xo

  14. Woah, you and Sammie had a good time!!
    - C

  15. Beautiful shots! Now Kiva wants to go for a swim!

  16. What a neat place!Looks like you had a day full of stuff to wear you out! HoneyDew and Sampson would love to go to a park like that, but will make due with the paws n play tomorrow at Oil Creek (once a year get together).

  17. Hi Sierra,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It sure looks like you had a terrific time at the festival. Lots of fun things to do and new furiends to meet. I would like doing all that!

    Wags & wiggles,

  18. OMD!!! You look so precious with that rock picture!!! We wish we were there in Tahoe with you!! Mommy used to live there long time ago! Its beautiful there!!! Cant wait to see you!! Lots of Hugs Joey and Kealani

  19. Hi sweetie. I see that you are still having a good time on the weekends with your momma and dadda! I also see that you are growing like a weed. If you don't know what that means, ask your momma. We just bet that you have eaten a weed, too!

    Tell your momma that we have added a social networking button to the bottom of each of your blog posts. People can share your posts with facebook, twitter, etc. and can print them, too! Tell your momma that if she doesn't like it to just ask and our momma will take it off. We hope you have fun with it!


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